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-====== ​Belfast'​s CryptoParty ​======+====== ​A Cryptoparty Special Event ======
-1st of February 2017\\ +==== 7pm 29th June @ The Crescent Arts Center ==== 
-18:00\\ +=== Free Admission, Refreshments Provided ===
-Farset Labs Belfast+
-Are you concerned ​with privacy issues? You want to learn some practical tips and references ​to software and technologies ​that will help you increase your security? If you answered at least one of these questions with “yes”, then you should come along to the next **Cryptoparty**!+A night with cybersecurity experts ​and hackers ​to discuss how a democratic society can continue to function under Big Brother. ​ Particularly now as politicians make moves towards limiting our freedom online, it is more important than ever that those of us who believe in privacy learn how to use technology in order to preserve it.
-The event will cover an introductory session on **a range of practical cryptography tools and technology ** which should give you an overview of the security risks and countermeasures associated with technology today+This special one-off ​event is open to everyone, however we would encourage anyone with an interest in journalism, specifically investigative journalism ​and source protection to attend. ​ We would also like to see attendees from the legal profession, as well as anyone else who has an interest in securing information
-As usual: Please ​bring your **laptop ​(or mobile ​phone)**, but dont worry: **No prior knowledge** **or skills** ​on the subject-matter are expected!+ 
 +We encourage you to bring along your laptop or smart phone.  After the speakersthere will be number of workshops in which you can learn how to deploy effective protection against even the most sophisticated attacker or nation state. 
 +=== OUR SPEAKERS === 
 +- Padraig is a vulnerability analyst for a multi-national security company, and has a strong interest in cryptography and privacy. He has previously spoken at Cryptoparty and OWASP about ransomware, and would now like to focus on the good things that cryptography can do.  He is the current Cryptoparty organiser for Belfast. 
 +- Jonathan is a technologist who has previously run an ISP and spent many years as a developer. He recently took time out from this to complete a law degree at QUB but he claims to have seen the error of his ways and is once again concentrating on the technology side of things. 
 +- Seán views the world of hacking and cybersecurity as an autodidact pursuit. ​ Achieving ‘elite’ status with being the first person charged with Hacking in Northern Ireland a mere 22 years ago; he has went on to work with ISP’s, NGO’s ​ and cybersecurity companies. ​ As a vocal critic of government regulation he has presented talks in Belfast and Berlin ​on the threat posed from state surveillance. ​ Seán will demonstrate real-world anti-surveillance techniques he advocates investigative journalist should consider using. (Please not that this talk should not be recorded.) 
 For more information on Cryptoparties:​ [[https://​www.openrightsgroup.org/​events/​cryptoparties|https://​www.openrightsgroup.org/​events/​cryptoparties]] For more information on Cryptoparties:​ [[https://​www.openrightsgroup.org/​events/​cryptoparties|https://​www.openrightsgroup.org/​events/​cryptoparties]]