We are sorry that not all Cryptopartys can be smokefree and accessible, but some regular are. Please let us know if you have special or other needs to join ( We give our best to make cryptopartys accessible for everybody.

Corona Time

Because of the pandemic our Cryptopartys will be either online, outside or under special conditions. Please beware of the conditions of the specific cryptoparty and decide careful if you want to join.


please refer to the Berlin Main Site for updated events.

Join us

Cryptopartys are self organized / self organizing events. Everybody is invited to host Cryptopartys as long as you follow the guiding principles. There is also a very complete HowTo.



Lots of communication happens via our mailing lists:

berlin-fltiq@cryptoparty.isfor FNTI*-CryptoParties
berlin-dates@cryptoparty.isonly for Promotion
berlin-discuss@cryptoparty.isOrganize, Ideas, Discussions

The list of subscribers of berlin-dates is only visible for admins. The archive is public.
The list of subscribers and the archive of berlin-discuss is public.