Art Meets CryptoParty @ Kühlhaus

When & Where


Please bring your Android phone, or tablet and headphones.

Download link for the Application for Android 4 or 5:
Must allow installation from 'Unkown Sources' in Settings/Security

  • 12.00 - meet at Kühlhaus
  • 12.30 - Listening Walk
  • 13.30 - CryptoParty

About the Art

Anywhere All the Time, a permanent sound track to your life, is an application for android devices that sonifies wireless Wi-Fi and GPS networks, providing a sonic presence to phenomena that usually lies beyond human perception. As one walks through the city intercepting these ubiquitous infrastructures, their sonification creates a compositional mapping within our everyday environment, and the listener is able to access their personal soundtrack, anywhere, all the time.

Portable smart devices, by the very characteristics that determine their success, also make them particularly suitable as surveillance devices. Wi-Fi technology, cell phone towers and locative media provide specific geo-reference to material territories so that it becomes possble to quite literally 'follow the actor'.

By providing a direct sensory experience of data through sound I'm interested in how it feels to live in a culture where our public space is mediated by technological infrastructure that simultaneously empowers via communication and compromises via surveillance. Do our smart devices operate primarily as bridges or walls?

by Jasmine Guffond

About Cryptoparty

Privacy is a human right.

To regain control of your own privacy in the digital world you should get to know the technologies of cryptography and anonymization.

A wide range of tools can help you to do just that. At a CryptoParty you can learn what's available and how to use it. Or you want to teach others? Then of course you're very much welcome, too.

All CryptoParties follow the guiding principles:

  • Excellence
  • Do-ocracy
  • Sudo Leadership
  • No Harassment
  • As Simple As Possible
  • Free to Attend

Available Topics

Learning is always an individual process. Hence we will have separate tables for each topic. Just pick the one you're most interested in.

  • mobile phone security
  • encrypt emails with PGP
  • encrypt your IMs with XMPP and OTR
  • anonymous surfing Tor
  • privacy enhancing browser plugins
  • file and hard-drive encryption with TrueCrypt or LUKS (Linux)
  • password security and managers
  • Linux installation
  • Tails (safe and anonymous operating system… please bring a thumb drive if interested)
  • Pond (encrypted Tor based messaging system without meta data and spam)

Also worth a look:


All topics can be offered in German and English.


  • Taking photos or filming will not be allowed. Please leave the cameras in your pockets.
  • Smoking will be possible outside.


Please email us with any questions: