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 <- [[:​berlin|Berlin Übersicht]] <- [[:​berlin|Berlin Übersicht]]
 +<olmap id="​olMapOne"​ width="​600px"​ height="​400px"​ lat="​52.49616"​ lon="​13.37811"​ zoom="​15"​ statusbar="​1"​ controls="​1"​ poihoverstyle="​0"​ baselyr="​OpenStreetMap"​ summary="​CryptoParty @ Technikmuseum"​ >
 +~~ Below is an example of a POI, you can add as many as you want. ~~ More examples: http://​dokuwiki.org/​plugin:​openlayersmap
 +52.49616,​13.37811,​-90,​.8,​marker-blue.png,​CryptoParty @ [[::​berlin::​technikmuseum|Technikmuseum]]
 Please see English version below. Please see English version below.