CryptoParty at Bluestockings Bookstore, Manhattan

Bstox Presents: CryptoParty- Securing Digital Communications in a Surveillance State

Dramatic Reenactment


May 23rd 2016,7:00 pm



8-) State surveillance got you down? Interested in getting your security culture game on point? Less-than-enthused for the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Edward Snowden film? If any or all of these catch your interests, come on by Monday, May 23rd as Bluestockings Bookstore will be hosting a Cryptography Workshop, catered to those who know next to little on the subject, or who know a little bit, and would like to learn more!

The night will be split between two parts: Part 1 will center around a discussion on the need for Cryptography in our culture today, and Part 2 will see the group breakup into multiple mini-workshops, focusing on such topic as installing Tor, good Password habits, mobile device secutity, and email encryption (PGP). Something for everyone!

Some of the tools we're teaching in the second half of the workshop will require either a computer, or a smartphone, so you should bring some tech equipment if you can.. This is an all ages event!

Hope to see you there!8-)

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