Upcoming Events

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26.8.2019 19-22 paralelnapolis kominarska 3/c priamy vchod


CryptoParty is global, decentralized movement. It's achievement is to inform masses about privacy in digital space. You can find out how and why you should secure yourself in virtual sphere. Get to know methods of encrypting your digital conversations or how to stay anonymous on the Internet. Tomáš Zaťko (Citadelo) and Pavol Lupták (Nethemba), one of the best specialists in the security field in Slovakia, will share their experiences with you.

If you do care about your privacy, CryptoParty is the right choice for you. It is focused on people, who have less or none knowledge in this field but they want to know more! Come and take your laptop and smartphone with you, so you can easily try out new solutions for you.

Speakers are welcome, send your topics to