14. 11. 2013 19:00


Progressbar Hackerspace, Michalska 3, Bratislava

  • Michalsky Dvor, ring bell where says Progressbar, go to the second floor, right from stairs.


Matej Nemček: The best of tools from decentralize http://redecentralize.org https://github.com/redecentralize/alternative-internet

Matej Kvocera: RAT

Peter Matkowski: Phishing (fbstalker+set+base64)

Michal Kubek: How to rewrite the router firmware remotely

Pavol Lupták: Digital privacy from the economical pragmatic perspective

At the end, maybe there will be short screening of tacma.net document (Terms and Conditions may apply)

Speakers are welcome, send your topics to info@progressbar.sk

We are throwing another cryptoparty, PRISM edition, helping people communicate more secure showing 'em tools We are throwing another cryptoparty, helping people communicate more secure & showing 'em tools

Otherwise we show you Tor, some Secure Chats (not only Cryptocat, Threema, TextSecure), understand OTR, why you should prefer PFS and ECDSA (hint ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-SHA), why you want encrypted phone calls (ZRTP) and top of it, using cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

More resources at http://www.cryptoparty.in/resource wiki


Some very last information you can found here https://progressbar.sk/calendar/cryptoparty--2