Communication IRC

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and it is a text chat system where you can talk to community members in the channel #cryptoparty on the server.

To use it, you can either

  • Go to in your browser (this used to work with Tor-Browser, too, but OFTC currently does not like Tor).
  • Dial in with one of the many chat clients as for example Pidgin, which you might already know from using it for Jabber+OTR.

For advanced use, see the irssi+tor guide and the Torprojects Torify HowTo (irssi).

Whichever method you use to connect, it is recommended that you cloak once you have connected to the server. To do that, just type

/msg nickserv SET CLOAK ON

into the chat window.

There is an additional channel which has news fetching irc-bots in it: