What is Jabber?

Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat which offers real-time text transmission over the Internet one-by-one and also for groups.

The advantage of Jabber over other protocols (like MSN, Skype etc.) is, that it is openly specified and decentralized, which means it cannot be censored or monopolized.

How to use?

Most Jabber servers allow the registration of new accounts. This is usually done directly in the jabber client (see also brief#chat)).

Need an account?

There are many sites that offer jabber accounts. For an overview see https://list.jabber.at.

Here are some Jabber servers that offer a Tor hidden service:

Server Hidden Service Additional Information
riseup.net 4cjw6cwpeaeppfqz.onion help
jabber.otr.im 5rgdtlawqkcplz75.onion help
jabber.ccc.de okj7xc6j2szr2y75.onion web, status
jabber.calyxinstitute.org ijeeynrc6x2uy5ob.onion help, web
securejabber.me giyvshdnojeivkom.onion web & help
jabber.ipredator.se 3iffdebkzzkpgipa.onion help
jabber.systemli.org x5tno6mwkncu5m3h.onion web & help
jabber.so36.net s4fgy24e2b5weqdb.onion web
xmpp.rows.io yz6yiv2hxyagvwy6.onion web
jabber.cryptoparty.is cryjabkbdljzohnp.onion help, status
patchcord.be xsydhi3dnbjuatpz.onion web
xmpp.is, xmpp.co, xmpp.cx, xmpp.xyz, xmpp.fi y2qmqomqpszzryei.onion web
jabber.lqdn.fr jabber63t4r2qi57.onion web
jabber.s7t.de jabberip5hpbrafx.onion web
jabber.frozenstar.info potu7aaoitlajnxc.onion web
draugr.de, deshalbfrei.org, ubuntu-jabber.de, ubuntu-jabber.net, verdammung.org, xabber.de jfel5icoxf3nmftl.onion web
planetjabber.de, jabjab.de, jabberwiki.de, jabberforum.de, ybgood.de, lethyro.net, pad7.de, pad7.net jabjabdevfoob7hl.onion web, status
wallstreetjabber.biz, wallstreetjabber.com, jidhad.biz, securetalks.biz, methamphetamine.ru wsjabberhzuots2e.onion web
jabb.im, jabbim.ru, jabbim.com, jabbim.sk, jabbim.pl, jabbim.cz, jabber.cz, jabber.sk, njs.netlab.cz, jabster.pl, njs.netlab.cz jabbimzhfelrl3wi.onion web, status
jabber.tcpreset.net qrn2wepqcwnwgvwt.onion https://jabber.tcpreset.net

The Cryptoparty Jabber Server

You may register an account at jabber.cryptoparty.is (username@jabber.cryptoparty.is). This can be done either at https://jabber.cryptoparty.is:5288/register/ or by using the inline registration feature in your Jabber chat client (the checkbox on the bottom of the account set up dialog in Pidgin). To connect to jabber.cryptoparty.is using your account, use the standard port 5222.

Advanced anonymity feature: If you use Tor on your computer, you can use it as proxy for connecting to your jabber.cryptoparty.is account: Configure your Jabber client to connect through your Tor proxy (e.g. host port 9150) and use cryjabkbdljzohnp.onion as the connect server.

There's https://twitter.com/JabCryptoPartIS that announces status information of our Jabber server.

(The Jabber server was down on March 23rd, 2016, caused by a software crash. It should be operational again.)

Group Chat

A group chat room is available where you can find other CryptoParty people and ask questions. Note the room is public and may be monitored by anyone. To join the room, use your jabber client software to connect to room “cryptoparty” at the server “conference.jabber.cryptoparty.is”.

Anonymously join the group chat

  • get and run Tor, which automatically opens a local socks5 proxy port 9150 on your computer
  • register an account (use a pseudonym for your username) at a jabber service that allows you to connect using a .onion host as the connect host, for example at jabber.cryptoparty.is
  • get pidgin and configure an account, set proxy to socks5/TorPrivacy to port 9150, use e.g. jabber.cryptoparty.is as the domain and cryjabkbdljzohnp.onion as the connect host
  • add a chat, use room cryptoparty at server conference.jabber.cryptoparty.is
  • click the chat and feel welcome.