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-**Mailing Lists!**  {{ :cp-logo-100x33.png?nolink|}} 
-You may subscribe to these mailing lists and participate in discussions by e-mail. Posts may be archived, you should probably only discuss topics that you are willing to talk about in public.  
-  * **General discussion** of CryptoParty: 
-    * https://kuix.de/mailman/listinfo/cryptoparty 
-  * Discussing the CryptoParty **Handbook**: 
-    * http://blast.k0a1a.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/cryptobook 
-  * Discussions in **french language**:  
-    * http://lists.tetalab.org/listinfo/cryptoparty 
-  * You might find additional mailing lists with a **regional focus** on a city's information page 
-If you are concerned about recording your involvement on the internet for all time, set up an email account through a free email provider over Tor and use only that email account in the web-browser logged in through Tor to check the list. If you want to do so anonymously, be directed to the corresponding chapter of the [[documentation:handbook|Handbook]]: https://github.com/cryptoparty/handbook/tree/master/src/chapter_03_publishing_and_distribution .