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-====== Contact ======+Hi there
-CryptoParty ​is a global movement. Each local group does things differently! Please find a local group and get in touch with them! Each group is authorized ​and fully equipped ​to talk for the movement. There is no central planning committee or coordinator.+THIS is packed with lot of transformable ​and easy to understand guides ​and tips containing everything you need to know about  
 +how exactly Intermittent Fasting works as well as how to get started right away with this topic.
-To interact with the global communitybest use the mailing list:+Ultimately, Intermittent Fasting Formula PLR is the REAL SOLUTION for those who want to get ripped fast 
 +burn stubborn belly fat and reap all the amazing health benefits.  
 +You can use the content for your blog, use it as your lead magnet or even resell this helpful info product.
-^Channel ^Address ^Additional Infos ^ +MORE INFO HERE=>  ​https://bit.ly/2YNWrD4
-|global mailinglist |[[https://​cryptoparty.is/​mailman/​listinfo/​global|https://​cryptoparty.is/​mailman/​listinfo/​global]] |Preferred channel for communication with the global CryptoParty community. PUBLICLY ARCHIVED. [[:​connect:​contact:​mailinglists|more details]] | +
-|Admin Email |info [at] cryptoparty [dot] in | Don't use this address unless you must talk to the small group of CryptoParty site admins in private. Please use the global mailing list instead. | +
-|Mastodon |[[https://​mastodon.earth/​@cryptoparty|cryptoparty@mastodon.earth]] |[[https://​mastodon.technology/​tags/​cryptoparty|#​CryptoParty]] | +
-|Twitter |[[https://​twitter.com/​cryptoparty_|@cryptoparty_]] |[[https://​twitter.com/​hashtag/​cryptoparty?​src=hash&​f=live&​vertical=default|#​CryptoParty]];​ [[https://twitter.com/shiromarieke/​lists/​cryptoparty|list of CryptoParty accounts worldwide]] | +
-|Diaspora |[[https://​wk3.org/​u/​cryptoparty|cryptoparty]] |  | +
-|IRC |#​cryptoparty@irc.oftc.net |[[:​connect:​contact:​irc|more details]] |+
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