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-Bats les couilles de l'​Himalaya +{{  :​cp-logo-100x33.png?​nolink&​}} 
-Bats les couilles, j'vise plus le sommet + 
-Mon cœur fait ouhlalala +====== Resources ====== 
-Crime passionnel que j'​commets + 
-Sur ton cœurj'fais trou de boulette +We are working on multi language [[http://​github.com/​cryptoparty|resources]] like SlidesGuides and Flyers in order to make Cryptoparty more accessible to people that are not native English speakers or would prefer the resources in their own language. 
-J'fais tache de sang sur le pull + 
-Je désire nullement vous connaître +Here are some links to the resources made by our community which can be used below: 
-Ni toi, ni ces fils de putes + 
-Je me tire d'ici si j'​m'​écoute +^Link^Comment| 
-Sang corse mélangé bougnoule +|[[https://​github.com/​cryptoparty/​slides|Slides]]|attempt to create a universal basic set of presentation slides to help teach basic concepts at CryptoParties| 
-La Lunej'aime plusj'vous la laisse +|[[https://​github.com/​cryptoparty/​artwork|Artwork]]|collection of public domain artwork and graphicswhere possiblewith source files to help others remix and reuse to make slideshandouts and flyers for CryptoParties| 
-Je m'​endors sous dorésous gnôle +|[[https://​github.com/​cryptoparty/​handouts|Handouts]]|collection of handouts andwhere possible, their source files to help others make new CryptoParty handouts| 
-J'suis ni de chez moi ni de chez vous +|[[https://​github.com/​cryptoparty/​flyers|Flyers]]|flyers and, where possibletheir source files to help others make new CryptoParty flyers| 
-Elle veut la biseelle veut que j'la baise +|[[https://​github.com/​cryptoparty/​stickers|Stickers]]|a collection of stickers andwhere possible, their source files to help others make new cryptoparty flyers| 
-J'​connais la routej'​connais l'​adresse +|[[https://​peter.tono.li/​en/​peters-blog/​cryptoparty|Tips]]|Tips on hosting a CryptoParty| 
-Je t'​encule sur le continent d'​Hadès + 
-Sale comme ta neuchmèches courtes +\\ 
-Forte comme la ppe-f' que j'​écoule + 
-Je tire la gueule, je n'​écoute + 
-Que mon âme seule, mektoub +==== old stuff below ==== 
-J'vis dans un rêve érotique + 
-Où j'​parle peu mais j'​caresse le monde +“In order to make sure the mobile phone frequencies are not being trackedI would fill up a washbasin with water and put the lid of a rice cooker over my head while I made a phone call. I don’t know if it worked or notbut I was never caught.” – [[http://​www.bbc.co.uk/​news/​technology-20445632|North Korean]] 
-J'​meurs dans un cauchemar exotique + 
-Où la Terre ressemble à ma tombe +====== A Note of Caution ====== 
-Igopourquoi toitu parles en Igo ? + 
-Si ça se tueouais, dis-moi qui signe +Please only add resources and tools to this page or it subpages. Remember that as anyone can edit this wikisome skepticism is warranted (trust but verify!) —crowd-sourcing has the defects of its virtues! 
-Pas d'​honneur,​ toi, tu sens d'ici + 
-WAllahbaba m'a dit "mon filsnannan+====== External Resources ====== 
-Toipas calculer ces pédales + 
-Moij'ai donné pendant longtemps +For goodconcretepeer-reviewed advicewe recommend the following resources:​ 
-Puisj'ai perdu mes pétales + 
-Au DD +  * [[https://​ssd.eff.org/​|Surveillance Self-Defense]] by the Electronic Frontier Foundation 
-J'la passela détaillela pé-cou, la vi-sser, des regrets devant ton bébé +  * [[https://​freedom.press/​encryption-works|"​Encryption Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance"]] by Freedom of the Press Foundation 
-J'sors de chez toi, j'reprends ta voiture mal garée puis j'​retire ton PV +  * [[https://​securityinabox.org/​en|Security in-a-box]] by Front Line Defenders and Tactical Technology Collective 
-J'​recherche un billetdes affairesdes plans dans la planqueun peu trop peiné +  * [[https://​cpj.org/​reports/​2012/​04/​technology-security.php|https://​cpj.org/​reports/​2012/​04/​technology-security.php]] 
-J'fais un bisou à mes cafards dans la cave du sixles pectoraux gainés + 
-Les BACqueux té-ma parce que les ients-cli ne tomberont jamais sur messagerie +That saidyour privacy is already more configurable than you might think… 
-Ehpotodémarre dans la junglej'y suis H24j'y fais des singeries + 
-La ruej'la dévale à toute allure avec du Gucci comme Mitch +=== Cryptography is Powerfulbut not your only line of defense === 
-J'me promène dans les beaux quartiers avec le seum qui fait peur aux riches + 
-Que la famille, personne nous inquiète jusqu'​au dernier gramme +The theory behind cryptography is solid and provenbut solid crypto will fail if: 
-Toujours dans mon neuf-un parce que j'suis baisé par Paname + 
-Sans, sans, sans le bénéf'​ de la rue +  * Implemented incorrectly – if the tool claims to have certain crypto implementedthey may be truthful but the implementation may be unsound. Try to use the tools that have a large user base and large communitiesas they are generally safer (but not always). 
-J'​aurais jamais niqué le game (game, game, game+  * Misused – encrypted a file but didn't secure-delete the plain-text? Initiated an SSL tunnel but didn't verify the remote certificate?​ Use top notch crypto rumah dijual software but didn't protect the OS or the physical computer? It is so easy to make mistakesdoing it right requires consistencyvigilanceand a modicum of paranoia. Assume that you do not know anything about a toollearn everything you can about it, then use it. Carefully. Mistakes may render your state-of-the-art crypto useless against a knowledgeable adversary. 
-Me sens pas trop humain, un peu comme mes igos habités, yah + 
-Y'​a ​du sang à vider, yah +Why is cryptography dangerous? Because it can give you a false sense of security. 
-Au DD, DD, DD + 
-Deuxièmes nes-graij'suis effacéyah +Come to a crypto-party and talk to expertslearn from each otherand continue to learn over time. Take responsibility for your communicationprivacyand security. Don't let anyone scare you out of experimenting and implementing cryptobut please be aware it takes time and effort to learn that crypto is necessary, but not sufficent; it is not a panacea. 
-T'as reconnu le cri, igo t'es animal + 
-Mes rêvesj'​connais le prixle canon à ny-Ma +=== Learn and Use === 
-Au DD + 
-Que la famille dans le bât', ​on te la push taille-dé au DD +Video: [[https://​media.torproject.org/​video/​2012-10-21-cryptoparty/​EncryptToLiveByAndrew.mov|Encrypt to Live]] from Cryptoparty Boston ​(Andrewvia @torproject 
-Pas mélangécœur d'​étrangerrien n'changé + 
-Ce qui doit arriver va arriver, yah +====== Basics first ====== 
-C'est peut-être mon dernier album + 
-Peut-être ma dernière puta +===== Risk Analysis ===== 
-Peut-être mon dernier sourire de toi + 
-Dans mon unga, dans mon unga +Committee to Protect Journalists [[http://​cpj.org/​reports/​2012/​04/​information-security.php#​1|Journalists Security Guide - Information Security]] by [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Danny_O'Brien|Danny O’Brien]] - hopefully ​CryptoParty will clearly explain most of the software and techniques mentioned in this guide. 
-Pas plus de haine que d'​amour,​ que j'​largue entre mes tours + 
-Moins d'​humains après minuit, je sors casser mon tour +//Your emphasis should be on simplicity. There’s no point in surrounding yourself with computer security that you don’t useor that fails to address a weaker link elsewhere. Take advantage of what you know well: the people who are most likely to take offense or otherwise target your workand what they may be seeking to obtain or disrupt. Use that knowledge to determine what you need to protect and how. Ask yourself: What information should I protect? What data is valuable to me or a potential adversary? It might not be what you think of at first. Many journalists feel that what they are doing is largely transparent,​ and that they have nothing to hide. But think about the dangers to sources if the information they have provided to you was more widely known. What may seem innocuous personal information to you might be incriminatory to others.// 
-Sur un nuage de l'​Enfer + 
-Viens, ​on se casse, mon frère, avant qu'on se perde +===== Kerckhoffs's principle ===== 
-Au DD + 
-J'la passe, la détaillela pé-coula vi-sser, des regrets devant ton bébé +A cryptosystem should be secure even if everything about the systemexcept the keyis public knowledge. ([[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Kerckhoffs'​s_principle|Kerckhoffs'​s principle]]) 
-J'sors de chez toi, j'​reprends ta voiture mal garée puis j'​retire ton PV + 
-J'​recherche un billet, des affaires, des plans dans la planque, un peu trop peiné +This principle should apply to all of the tools and resources mentioned ​on this page. 
-J'fais un bisou à mes cafards dans la cave du six, les pectoraux gainés + 
-Les BACqueux té-ma parce que les ients-cli ne tomberont jamais sur messagerie +===== Public Key Cryptography ===== 
-Eh poto, démarre, dans la jungle j'y suis H24, j'y fais des singeries + 
-La rue, j'la dévale à toute allure avec du Gucci comme Mitch +[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Public-key_cryptography|Public Key Cryptography]] has only become practical with the use of computers. It offers a mathematically secure way of sending encrypted messages or files between computers and their userswithout necessarily having to set up a separate [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Secure_channel| Secure Channel]] e.g. a face to face meetingto agree upon or exchange the secret key to the cryptographic algorithm they are using to protect the privacy of the message or data from snoopers. 
-Je me promène dans les beaux quartiers avec le seum qui fait peur aux riches+ 
 +Public Key Cryptography also offers ​method of detecting attempts at forgery through the use of [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Digital_Signature|Digital Signatures]]. 
 +=== Learn and Use === 
 +  * BBC science presenter Dr Yan Wong explains (without mathematics) the principle of how Alice and Bob can use "​digital padlocks"​ to protect their messages from being read by Ed the eavesdropper ​[[http://​www.bbc.co.uk/​blogs/​webwise/​2012/​04/​secrets-of-online-security.shtml|Public Key Encryption video clip]] (3 minutes) 
 +  * There is an excellent visual explanation of [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Diffie-Hellman_key_exchange|Diffie-Hellman key exchange]] on [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​feature=player_detailpage&​v=YEBfamv-_do#​t=126s|YouTube]]. 
 +  * Slides: [[https://​github.com/​micahflee/​slides/​blob/​master/​2012/​10/​oakland_cryptoparty_intro_to_public_key_crypto.pdf?​raw=true|Introduction to Public Key Cryptography]] from CryptoParty Oakland (U.S.) via @micahflee 
 +===== Why there is no 100% anonymity ===== 
 +  * **People make mistakes** ​ and even the slightest mistake will break the "​completeness"​ of anonymity. (e.g. simply forgetting to turn a proxy on or meantioning the weather) 
 +  * **Behavior can be analyzed** ​ (e.g. slang and idioms may locate you). 
 +  * **Behavior can be correlated** ​ (e.g when you are home vs online) 
 +  * You have to connect somehow. Everything between your body and **your means of anonymity is exposed**. (e.g if you're using tor//​what// ​ you do while using tor may be hidden ​that you are //​using// ​ tor nothowever) 
 +  * Some **offline threat** ​ may out you. (e.g. [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Rubber-hose_cryptanalysis|Rubber-hose cryptanalysis]])