“Organise organically and chaotically. Have no clear leadership. Urge people to take on a sudo leadership role”


Governments around the world, are greatly increasing their surveillance of the Internet. Alongside a loss of the private sphere, this also represents a clear danger to basic civil liberties. The good news is that we already have the solution: encrypting communications makes it very hard, if not entirely impossible, for others to eavesdrop on our conversations. The bad news is that crypto is largely ignored by the general public, partly because they don't know about it, and partly because even if they do, it seems too much trouble to implement. (Text stolen here)

So lets go and have a party, and teach each other how to crypto!

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30th January, 2016, 3pm to 5:30pm. (see for details)


Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC)
K-9, Birbal Road, Jangpura Extension, New Delhi – 14


Everyone is invited! Especially do not hesitate to join if you are not using any crypto at all (yet!)


Care about your privacy and online security? Join us a for a Cryptoparty to learn about the basic tools that can be used to safeguard your privacy in the internet. Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is not secrecy. A private matter is something one doesn't want the whole world to know, but a secret matter is something one doesn't want anybody to know. Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world. Join the CryptoParty on the 3rd of Augst, where we will install and learn to use digital security and privacy tools and practices and discuss good practices. A CryptoParty is one where we will learn about the tools that we can use to ensure digital security and tools. Bring your laptops and we will install these tools and also learn how to use them in our day to day life to protect our privacy online. It will be hands-on session with the hosts walking you through these tools and discuss the good practices.


  • Introduction
  • Browsing Security
    • TOR
    • Browser security
    • Password Management
  • Email and IM Security
    • Web based email
    • Email clients (thunderbird)
    • Mail encryption

Bring your computers and friends !:)

Cryptoparties in Delhi in the past