All crypto is just as strong as your password.

There are different philosophies… but one everyone is sure about:

The longer, the better.

  • Do not use the same password everywhere!
    • Have at least different security-levels in passwords, e.g. a basic one for strange webservices you dont trust at all, some more, and at the end the strongest one in different combinations for you most important things!)
  • Do not use any words from a dictionary!
    • This can be discussed, see e.g. the comic
  • Add some special characters!
    • This can be discussed, see e.g. the comic
  • A good thing is to mix up languages and letters in one sentence.
  • You find a nice text and how-to at security-in-a-box:
    • Make it long
    • Make it practical
    • Don't make it personal
    • Keep it secret
    • Make it unique
    • Keep it fresh