Keysigning Party at the 30C3

  • Date/Time: 2013/12/29 01:00:00 PM
  • Place: CCH Hamburg, Hall 13

Website: Keysigning Party 30C3 Hamburg

The aim of this Workshop is to strengthen the Web of Trust by signing OpenPGP keys of other people and receiving signatures from others.

We will use the Zimmermann-Sassaman key-signing-protocol (Don't forget to bring your government-issued ID, with photo!)

Before the Party

Send Tim ( an e-mail with your public key before Dec 28th 20:00. Later that evening you will receive a list with all keys. Please check the hashes of that list print it out and write down the hashes. Check also if the fingerprint of your key is correct.

During the Party

Everyone brings their own printout of the list I mailed you the day before. We will check the hashes at the beginning of the event. The list has two checkboxes for every key on it. Each participants verifies and state that their key is correct. You mark one checkbox on every key that is stated as correct. Once all keys are checked, we will form a line and show each other our government-issued ID. For every participant whose ID you check and find sufficiently authentic you mark the second checkbox of the corresponding key.

Important: You decide your own signing policy. Don't bother if your neighbour comes to another decision than you whether to trust the ID of a person or not. Some people have stronger requirements than others. But as a rule of thumb: Do not only check the photo of the ID, but also the name of the person. Data on the ID can vary widely depending on the type of the ID and the issuing country, so it's absolutely up to you which datas you want to check.

Datas you may find and want to check can include:

After the Party

The signing itself you do at home, on your own secure computer.