Tips for self-hosting

Security levels of hosting methods

This section gives a list of methods in which ways it is possible to setting up own services and describes its advantages and disadvantages. Besides that, it gives information about which threats are higher or lower by using the corresponding method. We distinguish between 6 threats[0]:

  • Confidentiality is keeping assets or knowledge about assets away from unauthorized parties.
  • Integrity is keeping assets undamaged and unaltered.
  • Availability is the assurance that assets are available to parties authorized to use them.
  • Consistency is when assets behave and work as expected, all the time.
  • Control is the regulation of access to assets.
  • Audit is the ability to verify that assets are secure.

Using services on free service providers (e.g.


  • Confidentiality:


  • easy setup
  • costs no money
  • no expert knowledge on security needed


  • no full control over your service
  • security is dependent on security competence of provider
  • advertisement
  • privacy issues

Hosting services on a free web hosting service

Hosting services on a paid web hosting service

Hosting services on a paid virtual-private server

Hosting services on a paid physical server ("root server")

Hosting services on a paid managed server

Hosting services on your own in more secure location