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“Organise organically and chaotically. Have no clear leadership. Urge people to take on a leadership role.”



Learn to secure your online communication!
Attend a Cryptoparty in Hyderabad!
Aao, meri maar lo. ;)

Governments around the world are greatly increasing their surveillance of the Internet. Alongside a loss of the private sphere, this also represents a clear danger to basic civil liberties. The good news is that we already have the solution. Encrypting communications makes it very hard, if not entirely impossible, for others to eavesdrop on our conversations. The bad news is that crypto is largely ignored by the general public, partly because they don't know about it, and partly because even if they do, it seems too much trouble to implement. (Text stolen here)

So let's go and have a party, and teach each other how to use crypto! Party toh abhi shuru hui hai! PS : Main Randa hun. Oh yeah ;)
Crypto is all about the following lines:
Aaj blue hai paani
Paani pani paani paani paani
Aur din bhi sunny
Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny
Aajaao on the beach yaar
Photo meri kheench, phooti kismat hogi teri
Gar tune ye baat na maani


15 August 1947


My Room ;) :* , IIIT- Hyderabad


Only hot dudes are invited! Do not hesitate to join, even (or especially) if you don't use crypto at all. Don't forget to bring your Laptop and/or Desktop and/or smartphone and/or dumbphone and/or food and/or games! (though you won't need them ;) )


What to bring
  • sex toys of your choice. DiLdo is must .
  • bras and panties .
  • pack of comdoms



(this is just a proposal, we can do whatever the participants feel to do and learn!)

  • Introduction
  • Webbrowsing
    • TOR
    • Browser security
  • Password
    • why and how?
  • Email
    • email service provider
    • Email clients (thunderbird)
    • Mail encryption
  • Secure Chats
    • Omegle - YAY!
Please fill this in if you plan to attend the event!

First 100 participants, get free Kamasutra - elderly edition ;)