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Attend a Cryptoparty in Hyderabad!
Learn to secure your digital services and communication channels

Governments around the world are greatly increasing their surveillance of the Internet. Alongside a loss of the private sphere, this also represents a clear danger to basic civil liberties. The good news is that we already have the solution; Encrypting communications makes it very hard, if not entirely impossible, for others to eavesdrop on our conversations. The bad news is that crypto is largely ignored by the general public, partly because they don't know about it, and partly because even if they do, it seems too much trouble to implement. (Text stolen here)

So let's go and have a party, and teach each other how to use Crypto!


Everyone is invited! Invite your friends, colleagues and family. Let's party together.

Do not hesitate to join, even (or especially) if you don't use secure technologies at all.


What to bring
  • Desire to learn about secure communications (mandatory! :D)
  • Expertise, to share with others (if possible)
  • Laptop and/or smart phone
Food and Drinks
  • Potluck It is a gathering where each guest contributes a dish of food, often homemade, to be shared. Synonyms include: potluck dinner, spread, Jacob's join, Jacob's supper, faith supper, covered dish supper, dish party, bring and share, shared lunch, pitch-in, bring-a-plate, dish-to-pass, fuddle, and carry-in.
  • Snacks would be served.
  • Hashtag: #CryptoHyd


(this is just a proposal, we can do whatever the participants feel to do and learn!)

  • Introduction
  • Web browser and add-ons
    • TOR Browser and Mozilla Firefox
    • Add-ons(HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, NoScript etc.)
  • Password
    • Why and how to ensure security?
  • Email
    • Email Service Provider(Ex.Rise-up)
    • Email Clients (Ex.Thunderbird,K-9 Mail)
    • Mail Encryption(Ex.Enigmail)
  • Secure Chats
    • Signal
    • OTR
  • Social Media
    • Diaspora
    • GNUsocial
  • Operating System