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 +====== Istanbul ======
 +===== Upcoming Events =====
 +^Day ^Time ^Location ^Address ^Additional Information ^
 +|09.06.2018 |16-21 |[[https://​hackerspace.ist/​|Hackerspace Istanbul]] |[[https://​www.openstreetmap.org/​node/​5581172808|Kadıköy]] |[[https://​hackerspace.ist/​en/​contact.html|Directions to hs.ist]] Please register before coming on kayit [at] hackerspace.ist |
 +===== About =====
 +Hackerspace Istanbul is a workplace to have fun with the technical facilities gathered together by the contributers and a social environment to work together and creating events; for the people, who are interested in computers, electronics,​ technology, Internet, DIY and such kind of subjects. ​
 +===== Contact =====
 +iletisim {at} hackerspace.ist