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 +====19th October 2019  - Saturday ​ Broken Cipher PenTest Systems =====
 +  * **Location:​** Bannaga College, Khartoum
 +  * **Time:** 03:00 P.M – 06:00 P.M
 +  * **Date:** October 19th  2019
 +===What is CryptoParty Khartoum === 
 +CryptoParty Khartoum program aims to train trainee on the use of practical tools of digital security, such as how to browse the web anonymously,​ how to communicate safely via secure call and chat apps Bringing a computer isn't mandatory to participate– there is lots of demonstrations to be had as well. But a goal of the CryptoParty Khartoum program is that people leave with actively implemented encryption tools on their devices to go start using in the real world. ​
 +===Why CryptoParty Khartoum Workshop is Important === 
 +CryptoParty Khartoum gives attendees practical experience in installing, configuring and deploying technologies to obtain maximum privacy, anonymity, integrity, and security.
 +This is a collaborative workshop with YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa - Alumni Chapter of Sudan for all Sudanese who wants to protect their Social Media. We will be covering the following topics:
 +  - Removing QueVadis certificates from DarkMatter UAE-based company ​
 +  - Mobile security (Antivirus and Anti-theft) ​
 +  - Anonymity and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
 +  - How to create a nice phrase password and how to use Password Managers (KeePass)
 +  - Safe Browsing ​
 +  ​
 + ​===What to bring?===
 +  * Your mobile device and charger
 +  * your charger ​
 +  * Your curiosity and interest in learning about preventing cyber attacks and keeping your data secure and private
 +  ​
 +===Catch us on===
 +Twitter: [[https://​twitter.com/​ CryptoKRT |@CryptoKRT]]
 =====19th January 2019  - Saturday ​ Broken Cipher PenTest Systems ===== =====19th January 2019  - Saturday ​ Broken Cipher PenTest Systems =====