You might worry, “how much detail do I need to understand about the crypto tools I will use?” Well, it depends on your intentions. For example, if you don't like the idea of being watched completely and easily, then every little use of cryptography will be a help. However, if you want to be completely protected, you'll have to learn a lot of details.

So first of all you have to think about yourself: Why do I want to use crypto?

  • I just don't want to be spied on by the NSA and all the others, just want to feel more private while being online: Go on here
  • Also if you are e.g. a journalist, a lawyer or you have something else important to do in mind: You might need to protect yourself as well as your clients, sources, and colleagues? You might want to start with the brief introduction to get started, but for your purposes it is important that you really understand what the crypto you are using is all about. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Either way, it is easy and (with the right amount of motivation) certainly do-able, but the brief one will not take that much time for those just starting to use crypto and opting for a more protected online enviroment.

There is one important thing to remember regardless: Never trust the technology. Never think that you are totally safe. Think twice everytime you are doing something special online!

Also keep in mind: Security is only as strong as the weakest part in the system. It is impossible to know how secure proprietary, closed source software is. Much of it even has backdoors (for example, Microsoft Windows, Skype and Outlook). So don't use it.

If your operating system is backdoored, your cryptosoftware is backdoored, too.