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 ===== Future events ===== ===== Future events =====
-==== 13-07-2019: CryptoBar at ORGCON19 ==== 
 ^Date^Time^Place^Address^ ^Date^Time^Place^Address^
-|Sat 13 Jul 2019|All day|[[https://​orgcon.openrightsgroup.org/​2019/​|ORGCON19]]|Friends House, 173-177 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2BJ| 
-Drop-in bar for free, beginner-friendly 1:1 advice about how to protect your communications and internet use from pervasive surveillance,​ data exploitation and censorship. You'll need a [[https://​orgcon.openrightsgroup.org/​2019/​book.html|ticket for ORGCON19]]. +==== 29-09-2019: CryptoParty at Tate Modern ​====
- +
-==== 30-07-2019: CryptoParty at Juju'​s ​====+
 ^Date^Time^Place^Address^ ^Date^Time^Place^Address^
-|Tue 30 July 2019|6:30pm till late|[[https://jujusbarandstage.com/|JuJu's Bar and Stage]]|15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR|+|Sun 29 September ​2019| 13:00 to 15:30|[[https://www.tate.org.uk/​visit/​tate-modern/| Tate Modern ​]]|Bankside, London ​SE1 9T|
-No scheduled talks at the moment for the July 2019 CryptoParty London meeting, but there will be experts on hand to give free advice ​on digital rights, privacy, technology and techniques such as secure communications on your mobile phone or how to protect confidential sources ​and contacts+Talks and workshops ​on digital rights, privacy, technology ​(and the systems of power around it!). Learn how to use privacy enhancing applications to, for instance, improve the security of your online communications ​and safely browse the internet.
-Come and chat with us and exchange informationcryptographic keys or messages and perhaps share a CryptoParty themed cocktail+ Free entranceall welcome, no registration needed.
-Free entrance, all welcome, no registration needed.+==== 13:00 Workshops ====
 +^ Facilitator ^ Activity ^ Description ^
 +| Trainers with badges | Digital Privacy CryptoBar | One to one privacy / security / anonymity advice sessions |     
 +| [[https://​twitter.com/​| TBA]] | TBA | TBA|
 +| [[https://​twitter.com/​| TBA]] | TBA | TBA|
 +| [[https://​twitter.com/​spyblog|@spyblog]] | Anonymity SwapShop | Bring along spare social media accounts, SIM Cards, burner phones, Oyster Travel Cards etc. to swap or barter with other people, to help break the financial and CCTV purchase trails, , to help keep your private and public digital personas in different Compartments. |
 +| Everyone | Verify your secure communications | Face to face contacts - GPG public key swaps (or even key signing), Signal Messenger Verification Codes, join WhatsApp Groups, create and swap pre-shared secrets, arrange private meetings, set up dead drop signals and locations |
-==== 20-08-2019: CryptoParty at Juju's ==== 
-^Date^Time^Place^Address^ +To try the programs ​and apps at the CryptoParty bring your laptop or smartphone.
-|Tue 20 Aug 2019|6:30pm till late|[[https://​jujusbarandstage.com/​|JuJu'​s Bar and Stage]]|15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR| +
- +
-Talks and workshops on digital rights, privacy, technology (and the systems of power around it!). Learn how to use privacy enhancing applications to, for instance, improve the security of your online communications and safely browse the internet.+
-Join us from around 6pm with talks and workshops kicking off at 6:30pm sharp. We'll be hosted by awesome Juju'​s,​ in East London. Free entrance, all welcome, no registration needed. 
-**More info and full schedule to be published here soon!** 
 ===== Past events ===== ===== Past events =====
 ^ Date ^ Title ^ Video ^ Slides ^ ^ Date ^ Title ^ Video ^ Slides ^
 +| [[:​london/​cpldn?​rev=1566710221|24 & 25 August 2019]] | Workshops at Byline Festival 2019 |||
 +| [[:​london/​cpldn?​rev=1566709657|20 August 2019]] | Informal CryptoParty |||
 +| [[:​london/​cpldn?​rev=1563373661|30 July 2019]] | Informal CryptoParty |||
 +| [[:​london/​cpldn?​rev=1562867883|13 July 2019]] | CryptoBar at ORGCON 2019|||
 | [[:​london?​rev=1561171773|25 June 2019]] | See it. Say it. Encrypt it. ||| | [[:​london?​rev=1561171773|25 June 2019]] | See it. Say it. Encrypt it. |||
 | [[:​london?​rev=1559034086|28 May 2019]] | Unstoppable Keyboards ||| | [[:​london?​rev=1559034086|28 May 2019]] | Unstoppable Keyboards |||