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 ====== London ====== ====== London ======
-===== Biometrics: one measure to rule them all =====+===== What's a CryptoParty ​=====
-{{ 2019-04-30_cryptoparty_london_poster_v0.jpg?​nolink&​600 |}}+Have you ever dreamt of a place where friends sit next to you and help you make sense of this or that technological conundrum ​secure passwords, social media privacy settings, internet cookies, is my phone secure, surveillance capitalism, etc? CryptoParties are that place a place where you can ask those questions and find friendly answers.
-^Date^Time^Location^Entry^ +We give talks and workshops on digital rightsprivacytechnology (and the systems of power around it!). Learn how to use privacy enhancing applications tofor instance, improve the security of your online communications and safely browse the internet. CryptoParty events are free and open to everyone - beginners are particularly welcome.
-|Tuesday 30th April 2019|630pm till late|JuJu'​s Bar and Stage15 Hanbury StLondonE1 6QR|**FREE**|+
-This month's edition of CryptoParty ​London will include ​special mix of talks and workshopswith talks on biometrics and its use across ​an increasing number of sectors, as well as electronic music and crypto-themed cocktails.+If you've been to a CryptoParty ​already or are an advanced tech user, fear not - we've got you covered too. You can ask advanced questions to our crypto-angels in 1-2-1 session. Come and talk to us about your favourite project or topicstart an impromptu workshop about itmeet new friends and find potential collaborators. Let's all build CryptoParty London ​as a space for collaboration ​and p2p learning. Let's hack away the gloomy feeling of surveillance capitalism and build our stairway to digital empowerment.
-A technology based on capturing and measuring particular traits of our bodies, for its very nature biometrics ​can raise serious concerns in terms of privacy ​and human rights.+Want to organise a CryptoParty?​ Use this page to promote your event (you can create a subpage ​and list the event in the section below) or get in touch if you feel you need some help.
-We will also have an update talk on the case of Julian Assange, and its ramifications in terms of human rights and freedom of the press.+===== Future events =====
-Come for the talks and stay for an amazing series of privacy self-defence workshops. Learn how to use privacy enhancing applications to, for instance, improve the security of your online communications and safely browse the internet.+^Date^Time^Place^Address^Misc^More details^
-Join us from around 6pm with talks kicking off at 630pm sharpWe'll be hosted by awesome Juju'​s, ​in East London. Free entranceall welcomeno registration needed.+|Tue 30 Jul 2019|6:30pm till late|[[https://​jujusbarandstage.com/|JuJu'​s ​Bar and Stage]]|15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR|Free and open to everyone|[[:​london:​CPLDN|More details]]| 
 +|Tue 20 Aug 2019|6:30pm till late|[[https://​jujusbarandstage.com/​|JuJu'​s Bar and Stage]]|15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR|Free and open to everyone|[[:​london:​CPLDN|More details]]| 
 +|Sat 24 Augl 2019|15:00 - 16:​30|[[https://​www.bylinefestival.com/​tent-4/​2019/​8/​24/​anti-surveillance-tips-for-smartphones/​|Workshop Tent 4]]|Byline Festival 2019Pippingford ParkNutley, East Sussex, TN22 3HW|You will need a [[https://​www.bylinefestival.com/​ahead-of-the-curve-tickets|ticket for Byline Festival 2019]]|[[:​london:​CPLDN|More details]]|
-==== Talks + Q&​A ​====+===== Contacts =====
-^Time^Speaker^Talk^Description^ +Add your contact here if you'​re ​CryptoParty organiser.
-|630pm|[[https://​twitter.com/​carlynyst|Carly Kind]]|Biometric technologies,​ NGOs, and humanitarian interventions - talk + Q&​A|With the numbers of refugees and asylum seekers continually growing, and international foreign aid shrinking, humanitarian and refugee assistance organisations are under more pressure than ever to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their interventions. Biometric technologies are being touted as a solution to this problem, accompanied by claims that they can decrease fraud and establish the veracity of asylum claims. But a critical analysis of biometrics show that such claims are overblown, and are often outweighed by the significant negative implications of biometrics for individual privacy and autonomy. Carly will explore some of these issues with reference to 2018 review she produced with The Engine Room for Oxfam on the use of biometrics in the humanitarian sector.|+
-|700pm|[[https://​twitter.com/​g__ferris|Griff Ferris]]|The State of Biometrics |Do you know how the government is using your biometrics to track and identify you? Find out how several police forces across the UK have been targeting and tracking people using their facial biometrics, and a what happened when a government department took hundreds of thousands of people'​s voice biometrics over the phone without their knowledge - and how hundreds of thousands reasserted their right to privacy.| +^Contact^Medium^Link
- +|[[:london:CPLDN|CPLDN]]|Twitter|[[https://​twitter.com/​CryptoPartyLDN|@CryptoPartyLDN]]| 
-|715pm|[[https://​twitter.com/​NielsLadefoged|Niels Ladefoged]]|Updates on the case of Julian Assange|An update talk about Julian Assange, following his eviction from the Ecuadorean embassy and his arrest by the UK police. The talk will reconstruct the recent developments of the case and will explore some of the worrying implications that this may have in terms of freedom of the press and human rights.| +|[[:london:​CPLDN|CPLDN]]|Mastodon|[[https://mastodon.earth/@cryptopartyldn|@CryptoPartyLDN@mastodon.earth]]| 
- +|Silkie|Twitter|[[https://twitter.com/silkiecarlo|@silkiecarlo]]| 
-  * Carly Kind is an independent consultant on technology policy and human rights, and advises NGOs and international organisations on issues related to privacy, data governance, and internet regulation. +|Silkie|Email|<​silkie.carlo@bigbrotherwatch.org.uk> ​([[https://pastebin.com/cfwHqmCE|PGP key here]])
- +|Fabio|Mastodon|[[https://mastodon.social/@fabionatali|@fabionatali@mastodon.social]]| 
-  * Griff Ferris is Legal and Policy Officer at [[https://​bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/​|Big Brother Watch]]. He investigates and challenges infringements of human rights and oppression by the state, police and private companies. +|Fabio|Email|<​me@fabionatali.com([[https://fabionatali.com/267DC236.asc|PGP key here]])
- +|SpyBlog|Twitter|[[https://​twitter.com/​SpyBlog|@SpyBlog]] workshop [[https://​spyblog.org.uk/​ssl/​CryptoPartyLondon/​pptx/​|.pptx slides]]|
-  * Niels Ladefoged is a journalist and an award winning documentary film-maker. He directs and produces thought provoking independent documentary film and video journalism. +
- +
-==== Workshops ==== +
- +
-Workshops will run in parallel, starting around 730pm. +
- +
-|[[https://​twitter.com/​spyblog|SpyBlog]]|Biometrics on SmartPhones| If, when and how to turn off Biometrics on your SmartPhone - Fingerprints,​ Facial Recognition and Accelerometers ​ [[https://​spyblog.org.uk/​ssl/​CryptoPartyLondon/​pptx/​|.pptx slides]] | +
-|[[https://​twitter.com/​gouttegd/|Damien]]|Encrypted communications|Want to communicate securely? Learn here how to use simple encrypted comms tools like Signal for messaging, voice and video calls, and small file sharing; plus why and how to use more challenging PGP email encryption.+
-|[[https://​twitter.com/​justinecourty/​|Justine]]|Biometrics under the hood|How biometrics work from a technical point of view. A brief summary and high-level view of the maths, and an actual demo (live-coding included!) using a facial recognition model. How your face (or other biometric) is reduced to a mathematical representation and how it's then used to compare to others so as to detect you. Power and limitations.| +
- +
-===== About ===== +
- +
-==== Why CryptoParty?​ ==== +
- +
-Privacy is the space in which ideas are developed, to retreat into whenever you want. This space is not only physical but digital as well. Governments and companies don't want to respect that so we become active ourselves. +
- +
-==== What is a CryptoParty?​ ==== +
- +
-CryptoParties are free and open for everyone, but especially those without prior knowledge, who haven'​t yet attended one. +
- +
-CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with events happening all over the world. The goal is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space. This can include encrypted communication,​ preventing being tracked while browsing the web and general security advice for computers and smartphones. +
- +
-To try the programs and apps at the CryptoParty bring your laptop or smartphone. +
- +
-==== Booklet and Posters ==== +
- +
-You can download our introductory booklet and poster artwork from  ​[[https://gitlab.com/​cryptopartyldn]] +
- +
-[[https://​gitlab.com/​cryptopartyldn/​booklet/​blob/​master/​booklet.pdf ​| CryptoPartyLDN ​the definitive(?​!) guide]] (.pdf) +
- +
-===== Past events ===== +
-  +
-^ Date                                          ^ Title                                            ^ Video                                                  ^ Slides ​ ^ +
- +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1554844092|30 April 2019]]   | Biometrics: one measure to rule them all                                                                                                            ||+
-[[:​london?​rev=1554844092|26 March 2019]] ​  | Who targets you?                                                                                                            ||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1550585422|21 February 2019]] ​  | ÆNIGMA ​                                                                                                           ||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1548633411|29 January 2019]] ​   | Digital Detox                                                                                                     ||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1545123136|18 December 2018]] ​  | Merry Cryptmas ​                                                                                                   ||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1542886716|20 November 2018]] ​  | Privacy 2028 (at FreeWord) ​                      | [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?​v=kDl18dlitWs|Video]]           |+
-[[:​london?​rev=1539716109|19 October 2018]] ​   ​The Truth Is Out There (at the Logan Symposium) ​ | [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?​v=QW3UwwjuX1U|Video]]           |+
-[[:​london?​rev=1537624334|25 September 2018]] ​ | One Year of CryptoPartyLDN ​                                                                                       ||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1534594867|16 July 2018]] ​      | Recognition! ​                                                                                                     ||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1529505444|19 June 2018]] ​      | Password not allowed ​                            | [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?​v=0z_LJqbfx9o|Video]]           |+
-[[:​london?​rev=1525254193|1 May 2018]] ​        People of the world, encrypt! ​                                                                                    ||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1522255136|29 March 2018]] ​     | You won't believe what happens next                                                                               ||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1519048545|20 February 2018]] ​  | Crypto means CryptoParty ​                        | [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=IVvuSxJY3-Y|Video]] ​          || +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1516958945|25 January 2018]] ​   | Seize the means of encryption ​                                                                                    ||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1513615891|18 December 2017]] ​                                                                                                                     |||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1510229383|10 November 2017]] ​  | More CryptoParty than ever (at the Glass Room)                                                                    ||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1508077969|16 October 2017]] ​                                                                                                                      ​|||| +
-| [[:​london?​rev=1505219916|11 September 2017]] ​                                                                                                                    ​|||| +
- +
- +
-===== Contact ===== +
- +
-^Medium^Link^ +
-|Twitter|[[https://twitter.com/CryptoPartyLDN|CryptoPartyLDN:​ @CryptoPartyLDN]]| +
-|Twitter|[[https://​twitter.com/​fnstudio|Fabio: @fnstudio]]| +
-|Twitter|[[https://​twitter.com/​silkiecarlo|Silkie:​ @silkiecarlo]]| +
-|Twitter|[[https://​twitter.com/​SpyBlog|SpyBlog: ​@SpyBlog]] workshop [[https://​spyblog.org.uk/​ssl/​CryptoPartyLondon/​pptx/​|.pptx slides]]| +
-|Email|<​silkie.carlo@bigbrotherwatch.org.uk>​ ([[https://​pastebin.com/​cfwHqmCE|PGP key here]])| +
-|Email|<​me@fabionatali.com>​ ([[https://​fabionatali.com/​267DC236.asc|PGP key here]])| +
-|Wiki page|[[https://​CryptoParty.in/​London]]|+