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-====== London ======+==== ????-2020: CryptoParty at Juju's - postponed due to COVID19 Corona Virus fears ==== 
 +Reluctantly we are **postponing** the next CryptoParty London physical face to face event due to** COVID19 Corona Virus fears**, more on public transport than at the excellent Jujus Bar venue.  
 +We are investigating the possibility of holding some online video conferencing sessions. 
 +Please wash your hands and keep healthy. 
 +| ???? 2020|6:30pm till late|[[https://jujusbarandstage.com/|JuJu's Bar and Stage]]|15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR| 
 +No scheduled talks at the moment for the Tuesday 24th March 2020 CryptoParty London meeting, but there will be experts on hand to give free advice on digital rights, privacy, technology and techniques such as secure communications on your mobile phone or how to protect confidential sources and contacts.  
 +Come and chat with us and exchange information, cryptographic keys or messages and perhaps share a CryptoParty themed cocktail.  
 +Free entrance, all welcome, no registration needed. 
 +====Schedule ===== 
 +| 6:30pm  | [[https://twitter.com/spyblog|@spyblog]], [[https://twitter.com/gouttegd|@gouttegd]] | **Drop-in 1:1 digital privacy advice, demos - ask us anything!** Bring your phone and laptop to make the most of it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  | 
 +| 7:00pm  | [[https://twitter.com/spyblog|@spyblog]]                                                                                                                                          | **Anonymity SwapShop**: Bring along spare social media accounts, SIM Cards, burner phones, Oyster Travel Cards etc. to swap or barter with other people, to help break the financial and CCTV purchase trails, to help keep your private and public digital personas in different compartments. **DiceWare** Create a cryptographically strong, multi-word pass phrase, using random numbers obtained by throwing physical dice.                                       | 
 +| 7.00pm      | [[https://twitter.com/gouttegd|@gouttegd]]                                                                                                                                         | **Encrypted Communications**:  Want to communicate securely? Learn here how to use simple encrypted comms tools like Signal for messaging, voice and video calls, and small file sharing; plus why and how to use more challenging PGP email encryption.| 
 +| 8:00pm  | [[https://twitter.com/spyblog|@spyblog]]                                                                                                                                          | **Genomic Privacy & DNA anti-Forensics**: Unlike other Privacy issues, Genomic Privacy potentially affects your relatives and descendants, not just yourself as an individual. Tips on how to remove or confuse the DNA traces you leave behind, the pros and cons of merits of bleach, anionic detergents and UVC light - all coincidentally useful against the spread of the Corona Virus / COVID-19  |
 ===== What's a CryptoParty ===== ===== What's a CryptoParty =====
-Have you ever dreamt of a place where friends sit next to you and help you make sense of this or that technological conundrum - secure passwords, social media privacy settings, internet cookiesis my phone securesurveillance capitalismetc? CryptoParties are that place - place where you can ask those questions and find friendly answers.+CryptoParties are FREE, beginner-friendly gatherings to help people of all ages and abilities to reclaim their privacy and power online. Our trainers are digital privacy experts who will help you with phone security, private communications, secure passwords, social media privacy settings, web browsing privacy and more. 
 +We also host talksdebates and workshops on digital rightsprivacytechnology (and the systems of power around it!). 
 +If you've been to CryptoParty already or are an advanced tech user, you're welcome too! Come and talk to us about your favourite project or topic, start an impromptu workshop about it, meet new friends and find potential collaborators 
 +Let's all build CryptoParty London as a space for collaboration and p2p learning. Let's hack away the gloomy feeling of surveillance capitalism and build our stairway to digital empowerment. 
 +CryptoParty London is organised by [[https://bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/|Big Brother Watch]] and friends. If you want get involved, get in touch!
-We give talks and workshops on digital rights, privacy, technology (and the systems of power around it!). Learn how to use privacy enhancing applications to, for instance, improve the security of your online communications and safely browse the internet. CryptoParty events are free and open to everyone - beginners are particularly welcome.+===== Past events =====
-If you've been to a CryptoParty already or are an advanced tech user, fear not - we've got you covered tooYou can ask advanced questions to our crypto-angels in a 1-2-1 sessionCome and talk to us about your favourite project or topic, start an impromptu workshop about it, meet new friends and find potential collaboratorsLet'all build CryptoParty London as a space for collaboration and p2p learningLet's hack away the gloomy feeling of surveillance capitalism and build our stairway to digital empowerment.+^ Date ^ Title ^ Video ^ Slides ^ 
 +| [[:london/cpldn?rev=1579527411|30 January 2020]] | Informal CryptoParty  ||| 
 +| [[:london/cpldn?rev=1574942199|29 September 2019]] | Is This Crypto ? at the Tate Modern ||| 
 +| [[:london/cpldn?rev=1566710221|24 & 25 August 2019]] | Workshops at Byline Festival 2019 ||| 
 +| [[:london/cpldn?rev=1566709657|20 August 2019]] | Informal CryptoParty ||| 
 +| [[:london/cpldn?rev=1563373661|30 July 2019]] | Informal CryptoParty ||| 
 +| [[:london/cpldn?rev=1562867883|13 July 2019]] | CryptoBar at ORGCON 2019||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1561171773|25 June 2019]] | See itSay itEncrypt it. ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1559034086|28 May 2019]] | Unstoppable Keyboards ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1556744667|30 April 2019]] | Biometrics: one measure to rule them all ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1554844092|26 March 2019]] | Who targets you? ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1550585422|21 February 2019]] | ÆNIGMA ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1548633411|29 January 2019]] | Digital Detox ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1545123136|18 December 2018]] | Merry Cryptmas ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1542886716|20 November 2018]] | Privacy 2028 (at FreeWord) | [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDl18dlitWs|Video]] || 
 +| [[:london?rev=1539716109|19 October 2018]] | The Truth Is Out There (at the Logan Symposium) | [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW3UwwjuX1U|Video]] || 
 +| [[:london?rev=1537624334|25 September 2018]] | One Year of CryptoPartyLDN ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1534594867|16 July 2018]] | Recognition! ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1529505444|19 June 2018]] | Password not allowed | [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z_LJqbfx9o|Video]] || 
 +| [[:london?rev=1525254193|1 May 2018]] | People of the world, encrypt! ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1522255136|29 March 2018]] | You won't believe what happens next ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1519048545|20 February 2018]] | Crypto means CryptoParty | [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVvuSxJY3-Y|Video]] || 
 +| [[:london?rev=1516958945|25 January 2018]] | Seize the means of encryption ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1513615891|18 December 2017]] |||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1510229383|10 November 2017]] | More CryptoParty than ever (at the Glass Room) ||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1508077969|16 October 2017]] |||| 
 +| [[:london?rev=1505219916|11 September 2017]] ||||
-Want to organise a CryptoParty? Use this page to promote your event (you can create a subpage and list the event in the section below) or get in touch if you feel you need some help. 
-===== Future events =====+==== Booklet and Posters ====
-^Date^Time^Place^Address^Misc^More details^+You can download our introductory booklet and poster artwork from  [[https://gitlab.com/cryptopartyldn]]
-|Tue 20 Aug 2019|6:30pm till late|[[https://jujusbarandstage.com/|JuJu's Bar and Stage]]|15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR|Free and open to everyone|[[:london:CPLDN|More details]]| +[[https://gitlab.com/cryptopartyldn/booklet/blob/master/booklet.pdf CryptoPartyLDN the definitive(?!) guide]] (.pdf)
-|Sat 24 Augl 2019|15:00 - 16:30|[[https://www.bylinefestival.com/tent-4/2019/8/24/anti-surveillance-tips-for-smartphones/|Workshop Tent 4]]|Byline Festival 2019, Pippingford Park, Nutley, East Sussex, TN22 3HW|You will need a [[https://www.bylinefestival.com/ahead-of-the-curve-tickets|ticket for Byline Festival 2019]]|[[:london:CPLDN|More details]]|+
 ===== Contacts ===== ===== Contacts =====