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-====== London ======+====== ​CryptoParty ​London ​presents... Is This Crypto? ​====== 
 +==== Sunday 29th September, 1-3.30pm at the Tate Modern ​====
-===== What's a CryptoParty =====+{{ ::​2019-09-29_cryptoparty_london_poster.jpg?​nolink&​400 |}}
-Have you ever dreamt of a place where friends sit next to you and help you make sense of this or that technological conundrum - secure passwords, social media privacy settings, internet cookies, is my phone secure, surveillance capitalism, etc? CryptoParties are that place - a place where you can ask those questions and find friendly answers. 
-We give talks and workshops ​on digital ​rights, privacy, ​technology (and the systems ​of power around ​it!)Learn how to use privacy enhancing applications ​to, for instanceimprove ​the security ​of your online communications ​and safely browse ​the internet. CryptoParty ​events ​are free and open to everyone - beginners ​are particularly welcome.+^ Date                        ^ Time          ^ Location ​                                                                                            ^ 
 +| Sunday 29th September 2019  | 1pm - 6.30pm ​ | Town Hall area of Tate Exchange, Blavatnik Building Level 5 (Tate Modern), Bankside, London SE1 9TG  | 
 +Is this crypto? Is it safe? Is it private? Is it free? As in freedom? 
 +CryptoParty London is being uploaded to the Tate Modern for one day only, as part of the [[https://​www.tate.org.uk/​whats-on/​tate-modern/​tate-exchange/​workshop/​higher-resolution|Higher Resolution]] installation by Hyphen Labs.  
 +Drop-in to CryptoParty for 1:1 digital ​privacy advicespeedy security tips, encryption tool demos, and expert lightning talks. Trade and barter at our anonymity swap shop. Don't get hacked! 
 +===== Schedule ===== 
 +| 1pm-3.30pm ​ | [[https://​twitter.com/​silkiecarlo|@silkiecarlo]],​ [[https://​twitter.com/​fnstudio|@fnstudio]],​ [[https://​twitter.com/​spyblog|@spyblog]],​ [[https://​twitter.com/​gouttedgd|@gouttegd]] ​ | **Drop-in 1:1 digital ​privacy ​advicedemos - ask us anything!** Bring your phone and laptop to make the most of it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  | 
 +| 1pm-3.30pm ​ | [[https://​twitter.com/​spyblog|@spyblog]] ​                                                                                                                                            | **Anonymity SwapShop**: Bring along spare social media accounts, SIM Cards, burner phones, Oyster Travel Cards etc. to swap or barter with other people, ​to help break the financial and CCTV purchase trailsto help keep your private and public digital personas in different compartments. **DiceWare** Create a cryptographically strong, multi-word pass phrase, using random numbers obtained by throwing physical dice.                                       | 
 +| 1.30pm ​     | [[https://​twitter.com/​silkiecarlo|@silkiecarlo]] ​                                                                                                                                    | **Big Brother Is Watching You**: A snapshot of the current surveillance state, a glimpse towards an Orwellian future, and how to fight it, with the director of [[https://​bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/​|Big Brother Watch]] [[https://​twitter.com/​silkiecarlo|@silkiecarlo]] ​                                                               | 
 +| 2.00pm ​     | [[https://​twitter.com/​alexrshepherd|@alexrshepherd]] ​                                                                                                                                | **Confessions of a Digital Gun for Hire**: Lightning talk about GDPR and how it translates toand often empowers, digital marketeers in their collection and use of user data, with former digital marketing industry insider [[https://​twitter.com/​alexrshepherd|@alexrshepherd]] ​                                                  | 
 +| 2.30pm ​     | [[https://​twitter.com/​rhapsodhy|@rhapsodhy]] ​                                                                                                                                        | **The Cloud and You**: Reading ​the news can often be overwhelming,​ and gives the impression all is lost. But there are a few practices you can use to improve your digital hygiene without having to let go of all useful tools. I will give some tips and tricks to stay on top of your privacy on social media and the modern web.  | 
 +| 3.00pm      | tbc                                                                                                                                                                                  | lightning talk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        | 
 +===== What's a CryptoParty ​===== 
 +CryptoParties ​are FREE, beginner-friendly gatherings to help people of all ages and abilities ​to reclaim their privacy and power online. Our trainers ​are digital privacy experts who will help you with phone security, private communications,​ secure passwords, social media privacy settings, web browsing privacy and more.
-If you've been to a CryptoParty already or are an advanced tech userfear not - we've got you covered too. You can ask advanced questions to our crypto-angels in a 1-2-1 session. Come and talk to us about your favourite project or topicstart an impromptu workshop about itmeet new friends ​and find potential collaborators. Let's all build CryptoParty London as a space for collaboration and p2p learning. Let's hack away the gloomy feeling ​of surveillance capitalism and build our stairway to digital empowerment.+We also host talksdebates ​and workshops on digital rightsprivacytechnology (and the systems ​of power around it!).
-Want to organise ​a CryptoParty? Use this page to promote your event (you can create a subpage ​and list the event in the section below) ​or get in touch if you feel you need some help.+If you've been to a CryptoParty ​already or are an advanced tech user, you're welcome too! Come and talk to us about your favourite project ​or topic, start an impromptu workshop about it, meet new friends and find potential collaborators
-===== Future events =====+Let's all build CryptoParty London as a space for collaboration and p2p learning. Let's hack away the gloomy feeling of surveillance capitalism and build our stairway to digital empowerment.
-^Date^Time^Place^Address^Misc^More details^+CryptoParty London is organised by [[https://​bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/​|Big Brother Watch]] and friends. If you want get involved, get in touch! 
 +===== Past events =====
-|Tue 20 Aug 2019|6:30pm till late|[[https://​jujusbarandstage.com/|JuJu's Bar and Stage]]|15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR|Free and open to everyone|[[:london:CPLDN|More details]]| +^ Date ^ Title ^ Video ^ Slides ^ 
-|Sat 24 Augl 2019|15:00 - 16:30|[[https://​www.bylinefestival.com/tent-4/2019/8/24/anti-surveillance-tips-for-smartphones/|Workshop Tent 4]]|Byline Festival 2019Pippingford Park, Nutley, East Sussex, TN22 3HW|You will need a [[https://​www.bylinefestival.com/ahead-of-the-curve-tickets|ticket for Byline Festival 2019]]|[[:​london:​CPLDN|More details]]|+| [[:​london/​cpldn?​rev=1566710221|24 & 25 August 2019]] | Workshops at Byline Festival 2019 ||| 
 +| [[:​london/​cpldn?​rev=1566709657|20 August ​2019]] Informal CryptoParty ||| 
 +| [[:london/​cpldn?​rev=1563373661|30 July 2019]] | Informal CryptoParty ||| 
 +| [[:london/cpldn?​rev=1562867883|13 July 2019]] | CryptoBar at ORGCON 2019||| 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1561171773|25 June 2019]] | See it. Say it. Encrypt it. ||| 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1559034086|28 May 2019]] | Unstoppable Keyboards ​||| 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1556744667|30 April 2019]] | Biometrics: one measure ​to rule them all ||| 
 +| [[:london?​rev=1554844092|26 March 2019]] | Who targets you? ||| 
 +| [[:london?​rev=1550585422|21 February 2019]] | ÆNIGMA ||
 +[[:​london?​rev=1548633411|29 January ​2019]] Digital Detox ||| 
 +| [[:london?​rev=1545123136|18 December 2018]] | Merry Cryptmas ||| 
 +| [[:london?​rev=1542886716|20 November 2018]] | Privacy 2028 (at FreeWord) ​| [[https://​www.youtube.com/watch?​v=kDl18dlitWs|Video]] || 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1539716109|19 October 2018]] | The Truth Is Out There (at the Logan Symposium) | [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?​v=QW3UwwjuX1U|Video]] || 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1537624334|25 September 2018]] | One Year of CryptoPartyLDN ||| 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1534594867|16 July 2018]] | Recognition! ||| 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1529505444|19 June 2018]] | Password not allowed | [[https://www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=0z_LJqbfx9o|Video]] |
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1525254193|1 May 2018]] | People of the worldencrypt! ||| 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1522255136|29 March 2018]] ​| You won't believe what happens next ||| 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1519048545|20 February 2018]] | Crypto means CryptoParty | [[https://​www.youtube.com/watch?​v=IVvuSxJY3-Y|Video]] || 
 +| [[:london?​rev=1516958945|25 January 2018]] | Seize the means of encryption ||| 
 +| [[:london?​rev=1513615891|18 December 2017]] |||| 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1510229383|10 November 2017]] ​| More CryptoParty than ever (at the Glass Room) ||| 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1508077969|16 October 2017]] |||| 
 +| [[:​london?​rev=1505219916|11 September 2017]] ||||
 ===== Contacts ===== ===== Contacts =====