London CryptoFestival 2013 Presentation Materials

On this page you can find presentation materials from the various CryptoFest workshops and panels, including slides and audio recordings.

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You can use (amongst other programs) VLC media player and Amarok to open MP3 files; LibreOffice and OpenOffice to open ODP and PPT/PPTX files; MuPDF and Xpdf to open PDF files; 7-Zip to open ZIP files.


  • First Panel - MP3 - Ian Brown, George Danezis, Marianne Franklin, Wendy Grossman, Chair: Matthew Fuller
  • Second Panel - MP3 - Ross Anderson, Smári McCarthy, Annie Machon, Nick Pickles, Chair: Dan McQuillan
  • A Primer on Physical Security & Wrap Up - zipped MP3 - Nikita Mazurov, Dan McQuillan


  • A Primer on Physical Security - zipped ODP - Nikita Mazurov
  • Internet Rights and Principles Charter - PDF - Marianne Franklin
  • OTR - Off The Record Messaging - PDF - AlexP
  • Private VoIP - PDF - AlexP
  • Qubes OS - A Secure Operating System - PDF - AlexP
  • Smartphone Privacy - PDF - AlexP
  • TAILS - This Session Never Happened - PDF - AlexP