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 ===== Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom ===== ===== Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom =====
-==== May 2016: Cryptoparty ==== 
-===Where?=== +==== Next Dates ====
-[[https://www.newcastle.gov.uk/leisure-libraries-and-tourism/libraries/branch-libraries-and-opening-hours/city-library|Newcastle City Library]] (Charles Avison building), Newbridge Street [[http://osm.org/go/evym3eX_E--?m=|[map]].+
-We will be in the former Crèche room on level 2. +Day Time Location ^ Address ^ Additional Infos 
- +12 November 2016 1.30-3.30 pm | [[https://forum.cryptopartynewcastle.org/t/cryptoparty-12-november-2016/30|City Library]] | [[https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/198878504|33 New Bridge Street West]] | wheelchair friendly |
-It would be a good idea if you brought any devices you're looking to learn with, like a laptop or smartphone. +
- +
-===When?=== +
-**11AM-1PM Sunday, May 22nd 2016** (time may be extended if there are enough volunteers) +
- +
-===Volunteers=== +
-If you would be interested in volunteering to cover one of our topics at a table, please join the mailing list (details below) and note your name here. Any help is appreciated!: +
- +
-^Name or pseudonym ^I volunteer to… | +
-|**Mark** |Turn up, and either meet & greet or take a table | +
-|**Alex**  |Volunteer for any table (particularly Tor/FDE) but I can move between tables easily if required +
- +
-==== Event Topics ==== +
- +
-At the event, we will be organising into a series of informal tables, each covering a different topic. Please feel free to wander around and mingle at your leisure! +
- +
-^Topic ^Notes | +
-|**Safe Browsing**   |An introduction to some tools you can use to improve your privacy and security when browsing the web. | +
-|**[[https://www.torproject.org/index.html.en|Tor Browser]] & [[https://tails.boum.org/index.en.html|TAILS]]**  |Anonymous browsing for everyone. Learn about easy-to-use tools to avoid tracking and censorship. | +
-|**[[https://github.com/LibreSignal/LibreSignal|LibreSignal]]**  |Private & encrypted messaging for your smartphone | +
-|**Full Disk Encryption**   |Protect the data on your laptop/PC from being readable in the event of theft or unwanted parties snooping around. | +
-|**PGP**   |Learn to securely encrypt email communication with this free and open source tool. | +
- +
-\\ +
- +
-====Contact Us==== +
-Currently, CryptoParty events for Newcastle and the surrounding area are being organised via the [[https://lists.openrightsgroup.org/listinfo/org-northeast|Open Rights Group North East mailing list]]. Further information can be found on this wiki on the [[newcastle-planning]] page. +
- +
-If you want to get involved, please subscribe to that list and let us know what you're hoping to see!+