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-====== CryptoParty ​in Oxford ====== +====== CryptoParty Oxford ====== 
-===== Friday 29th November 2019, 6:30pm at The Lighthouse ​=====+===== EVENT TONIGHT (March 13th) ***POSTPONED*** ​====  
 +=== Due to a significant number of speakers being unavailable and a travel ban from Open Rights Group we will be postponing the CryptoParty event this evening. 
 +This is very disappointing as we had a fantastic set of talks but these unique circumstances are outside our control. === 
 ==== FREE + open to all! ==== ==== FREE + open to all! ====
- +{{:oxford_crypto_party_poster_fix.png?400|}}
-{{:cryptoparty-oxford-vote4privacy-poster.jpg?600|}} +
 ==== What's a CryptoParty?​ ==== ==== What's a CryptoParty?​ ====
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 ==== About CryptoParty Oxford ==== ==== About CryptoParty Oxford ====
-Oxford is full of expertise on technology, rights, cybersecurity and privacy ​- but the city hasn't had a CryptoParty since 2016...! Therefore, [[https://bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/|Big Brother Watch]] and [[https://www.openrightsgroup.org/|Open Rights Group]] are collaborating ​to bring together local campaigners,​ techies, and members of the public to have a CryptoParty in the hope local activists may continue to spread digital privacy and empowerment through CryptoParties!+Oxford is full of expertise on technology, rights, cybersecurity and privacy. After the success of the first event in November, [[https://www.openrightsgroup.org/|Open Rights Group]] (with help from [[https://bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/|Big Brother Watch]]) are running a second event. We are going to bring together local campaigners,​ techies, and members of the public to have a CryptoParty in the hope local activists may continue to spread digital privacy and empowerment through CryptoParties!
 +We're delighted to be hosted by social enterprise [[https://​www.commongroundstudy.space/​contact-hours-find-us|Common Ground]], where you'll find free WiFi and power, and alcoholic and soft drinks available at a low cost. 
-==== Schedule ==== 
-^Date ^Time ^Location ^ +==== Schedule ==== 
-|Friday ​29th November 2019 |6-9pm| [[https://​www.thelighthouseoxford.com/venue|The Lighthouse]], 1 Park End St, Oxford, OX1 1HH|+^ Date                    ^ Time      ^ Location ​                                                                                                                    ​
 +| Friday ​13th March 2020  ​| 6:45-9pm  | [[https://​www.commongroundstudy.space/contact-hours-find-us|Common Ground]], 37-38 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX1 2HF  ​|
-^Time ^Facilitator ^Activity +=== Lightning talks === 
-|6.00pm Big Brother Watch & Open Rights Group | Welcome to CryptoParty!| +<​dtable>​ 
-|**ROUND 1 WORKSHOPS**+^ Facilitator ^ Description ^ 
-|6.40-7.00pm| ​Open Rights Group| **Reclaim your data!** How to do subject access requests to political parties.| +[[https://​www.openrightsgroup.org/​|Open Rights Group]]  ​| **Digital trade vs. digital rights**\\ Open Rights Group’s Campaigns Manager Mike Morel will discuss the ways new international trade deals could affect the digital freedoms and privacy of UK residents. | 
-|6.40-7.00pmWho Targets Me?| **Install the Who Targets Me? plug-in** to find out who is targeting ​you with political ads.| +[[https://​www.oii.ox.ac.uk/​people/​antonella-perini/ ​Antonella Perini]] ​| **Modo a prueba de riesgos (Threat modelling)**\\ Antonella will show us a threat modelling tool developed by Asuntos del Sur and specially designed for digital trainings of activists in Latin America, but it is adaptable ​to any context. Through simple steps, ​you can identify and weigh your digital risk levels and plan the necessary practices for your safety and privacy. | 
-|6.40-7.00pm| [[https://twitter.com/spyblog|@SpyBlog]]| **Anonymity SwapShop** - Bring along spare social media accountsprepaid SIM Cards, burner phones, etc. to swap or barter with other people, to help break the financial and CCTV purchase trails, helping to keep your private and public digital personas in different compartments. **DiceWare** - Create a cryptographically strong, multi-word pass phrase, using random numbers obtained by throwing physical dice.| +| [[https://www.openrightsgroup.org/​groups/​oxford/|Open Rights Group Oxford]] | **Neighbourhood Watched**\\ From facial recognition to social media monitoringfrom remote hacking ​to the use of mobile surveillance equipment called 'IMSI catchers'​UK police forces are using an ever-expanding array of surveillance tools to spy on us as we go about our everyday livesLocal Open Rights Group organiser Joe will give an overview of Privacy International’s Neighbourhood Watched campaign. | 
-|6.40-7.00pm| TBC| TBC| +| [[https://www.oii.ox.ac.uk/people/professor-bertrand-venard/|Bertrand Venard]] | **Why I don't care about my cybersecurity**\\ ProfBertrand Venard (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford) will describe his research about the determinants of cybersecurity behaviourProfVenard is leading the project ​Cybersecurity, funded by the European Union, which aims at understanding the cybersecurity ​behaviours of students through qualitative ​and quantitative ​research
-|**ROUND 2 WORKSHOPS**| +| [[https://​www.fhi.ox.ac.uk/​team/​anders-sandberg/​|Anders Sandberg]] | **What is privacy good for? The philosophy behind privacy**\\ Dr. Anders Sandberg ​(James Martin Research Fellow, ​Future of Humanity Institute, ​University of Oxford) considers that while many people desire privacyphilosophically it is not entirely obvious why it is a good thing or what other considerations may overrule it. This talk will be a quick overview of some philosophy ​of privacy
-|7.00-7.20pm| As above| All workshops repeat, giving you the chance ​to do a 2nd workshop.+| [[https://​www.cs.ox.ac.uk/​people/​william.seymour/ |William Seymour]] | **The secret lives of smart things**\\ Have you ever wondered what your smart devices are up to? William Seymour (DPhil student, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford) discusses how to capture and visualise who devices are talking to, as well as the results from his research into how these visualisations can help people talk to each other about privacy and security. | 
-|**LIGHTNING TALKS**| +</​dtable>​ 
-|7.30pm| Open Rights Group| 1. **Fighting AdTech.** ​Open Rights Group’s ​Campaigns Manager Mike Morel will tell us how the advertising technology (AdTech) industry routinely violates our digital privacy and how that abuse is being challenged.| +==== Past events ====
-|7.40pm| [[https://twitter.com/silkiecarlo|@SilkieCarlo]],​ director of [[https://bigbrotherwatch.org.uk|Big Brother Watch]]| 2. **Big Brother is watching you..!** The surveillance state & how to fight it| +
-|7.50pm| [[https://​twitter.com/​julia_slupska|Julia Slupska]]| 3**Cybersecurity ​as a Feminist Issue**: Julia Slupska is a doctoral student ​at Oxford'​s Centre for Doctoral Training in Cybersecurity. Don't miss this flashtalk on how feminist theory and activism can shed light on cybersecurity ​blind spots and make cybersecurity ​research/industry more inclusive and mindful of how security design interacts with broader power dynamics+
-|8.00pm| [[https://​www.fhi.ox.ac.uk/​team/​anders-sandberg/​|Anders Sandberg]]| ​4. **The transparent society: utopia, dystopia or just suburbia?** Renowned thinker and polymath ​Anders Sandberg ​of Oxford University'​s ​Future of Humanity Institute ​examines the ideas in David Brin's excellent 1998 [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​The_Transparent_Society|book]]how things have turned outand some of the problems with even perfectly transparent environments that indicate why we need privacy| +
-|8.10pm| [[https://​www.cs.ox.ac.uk/​people/​max.vankleek/|Max Van Kleek]]| 5TBC+
-|8.20pm| TBC| 6. TBC|+
 +^ Date                                                                   ^ Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ^
 +| [[https://​www.cryptoparty.in/​oxford?​rev=1574805336|29 Nov 2019]] ​                         | Vote 4 privacy| ​                                                                                                                                                                                           |
 ==== Contacts ==== ==== Contacts ====
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 Big Brother Watch: info@bigbrotherwatch.org.uk ​ Big Brother Watch: info@bigbrotherwatch.org.uk ​
 +Twitter: [[https://​twitter.com/​CryptoPartyOX|@CryptoPartyOX]]