How To: Add Your CryptoParty


Find all CryptoParties happening around the world in one place makes it easier for people to find them.

In terms of dates we have two main resources on The global dates list and the city pages (e.g. Berlin). There's templates for city pages in English and German, too.

The purpose of this document is to make it as easy as possible to add your own CryptoParties.

Add Your CryptoParty to Global Dates List

At least we would recommend adding your CryptoParties to the global dates list. It can be edited by anyone without registration. Just click “Edit this page” link (to be found on every page in this wiki) start editing.

Before saving your changes please use the Preview button. Sometimes it happens that you accidentally mess something up. The most common reason for that is that you didn't get the wiki syntax as you intended to. It is especially sensitive to how many spaces there are at the beginning of a line.

Having said that we can now proceed with how you add your CryptoParty. Go to the global dates list, click Edit this page (upper left corner) and add the following bit to it. The dates are not ordered automatically so please add it in the right place (Note: the spaces are important).

==== 2014-11-14 ====
  * [[:berlin:b5355|Berlin, Germany]]

This adds the following link: Berlin, Germany. The page behind is a sub page on this wiki.

Should you want to link to a page outside this wiki the syntax is similar. The only difference is you write the full internet address.

==== 2014-11-22 ====
  * [[|Enschede, Netherlands]]

Creating A City Page

Editing any page on this wiki does not require a registration. Creating new pages does though. But don't worry. The index page lists the anonymous login credentials. So please login in, go the address that you'd like to create (( e.g.: I do not exist). There please do the following

  • click on the “create this page” link (upper left, visible since you're logged in)
  • add a text of your choice
  • click save (including a CAPTCHA if you do this through the Tor network)

Congratulations!!! You just created a new page on this wiki=).

One last thing. The newly created city page is not linked to from anywhere yet. Please add it to the location page, too. The process and syntax is similar to the steps above.


The wiki syntax reference is your friend.