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Upcoming Events

APRIL 5th: CryptoParty @ Mod



  • Private Messaging: Not all apps are secured equally
  • Other topics TBA

CryptoParty for Activists at PHX Library (Burton Barr)



  • TBA

Past Events



  • TrueCrypt
  • Operations security & security culture
  • Anti-Surveillance
  • Wireless encryption: threats and security model
  • Tor
  • Darknets & mesh networks
  • PGP Encryption
  • Bitcoin
  • Mathematics of public-key cryptography

What to bring?

Cryptoparties are participatory events, so don't come with the intention of “just watching”. Bring a laptop that you are willing to install and test software on. If you'd prefer to do this in a Virtual Machine, please download your image before coming to the cryptoparty.

If you're inclined, bring some chips, other snacks, soda, coffee, a six pack, etc.

Want to help?

Volunteer Form

We are currently looking for additional speakers and workshop presenters. If there's a topic relating to cryptography that you're passionate about, come teach others about it!

Want to help in some other way? Have a comment or opinion?

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