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 ====== Physical Intrusion detection ====== ====== Physical Intrusion detection ======
 +Physical intrusion detection is the act of identifying threats to physical systems. In many cases physical intrusion detection systems act as prevention systems as well. Examples of Physical intrusion detections are:
 +  * Security Guards
 +  * Security Cameras
 +  * Access Control Systems (Card, Biometric)
 +  * Firewalls
 +  * Man Traps
 +  * Motion Sensors
 +There are also some more creative physical intrusion detection techniques that may be of use to people attending cryptoparties.
 ===== Randomized seal on screws. ===== ===== Randomized seal on screws. =====
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 ===== Other Resources ===== ===== Other Resources =====
 +  * [[https://​media.ccc.de/​v/​30C3_-_5600_-_en_-_saal_1_-_201312301245_-_thwarting_evil_maid_attacks_-_eric_michaud_-_ryan_lackey| 30c3: Thwarting Evil Maid Attacks Physically Unclonable Functions for Hardware Tamper Detection]]
   * [[http://​www.gold.ac.uk/​podcasts/​app/​front/​podcastsBySpeaker/​207|Podcast:​ Primer on Physical Security by Nikita Mazurov]]   * [[http://​www.gold.ac.uk/​podcasts/​app/​front/​podcastsBySpeaker/​207|Podcast:​ Primer on Physical Security by Nikita Mazurov]]
   * direct link (mp3)  [[http://​magiclantern.gold.ac.uk/​podcasts/​Culturalstudies/​CryptoFestival/​MAZUROV_Nikita_CryptoFestival_301113.mp3|Primer on Physical Security]]   * direct link (mp3)  [[http://​magiclantern.gold.ac.uk/​podcasts/​Culturalstudies/​CryptoFestival/​MAZUROV_Nikita_CryptoFestival_301113.mp3|Primer on Physical Security]]
 +  * http://​www.wired.com/​2013/​12/​better-data-security-nail-polish/​