Cryptoparty at Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis - New Order '18

Are you ready for a bit of good, old cypherpunk?

When: 5-7.10.2018

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

Place: Paralelni Polis, Delnicka 43

What: Cryptoparty, of course!

How: The cryptoparty in retro style is the best party ever. Create memories, privacy, anonymity, and security that will remain almost forever!

Our programme will be a bit of learning, a bit of practice and a bit of a good, old retro style cypherpunk fun with our brand, new and well-designed cards for cold winter nights or warm holidays in the sun!

We will also have 3 day Crypto Village were everybody could come and hang around with us, share knowledge, learn and teach something about privacy, security, anonymity, cryptocurrency, anti-censorship and decentralization.

Play away the surveillance and contribute to the biggest revolution ever!

Encrypt all the things and hack the planet!