So when is the next cryptoParty in San Francisco?

San Francisco

Dear San Francisco Cypherpunks and crypto enthusiasts,

Can we please have several cryptoparties in San Francisco each month? I think there's enough interest that people would attend every single cryptoparty.

Tahoe-LAFS Cryptoparty at Noisebridge

It's finally happening again… this Friday, December 19th 2014, 7pm at Noisebridge. Here's announcement:

The last Tahoe-LAFS Cryptoparty in Berlin was a great success… and we took these detailed usage notes to help you get started:

For more information about Noisebridge please see the Noisebridge wiki:

Please see the Noisebrige Tahoe-LAFS cryptoparty wiki page for more information about Tahoe-LAFS: