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Santa Cruz, California


Do you want to make sure your information is safe online? Do you also like free pizza?! Then you need to come to the Santa Cruz CryptoParty! Come to NextSpace on Saturday, March 25th to secure your digital life!

But what is a CryptoParty? A CryptoParty is an event to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space. This includes anything from defending yourself on the web to securing your messaging.

Join us to learn how to keep malicious attackers away from your communications, your finances, and your personal thoughts and ideas. CryptoParties are free for everyone for all to attend, especially those without prior knowledge. Bring your laptop and smartphone to get help setting up!

Upcoming Events

Day Time Location Address Additional Information
25 Mar 2017 12-4 pm Next Space Santa Cruz 101 Cooper St, Santa Cruz CA 95060


  • Why Cryptography Matters
  • Basics of Crypto
  • Real World Problems
  • Signal
  • Tor & I2P
  • Bitcoin & Namecoin
  • PGP
  • HTTPS Everywhere, TLS, & Let's Encrypt
  • KeePassX, LastPass, and YubiKey
  • Quantum Computing and Crypto