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How To CryptoPary @ OpenFest

Privacy is a human right. CryptoParty is a global grass roots movement helping to make cryptographic tools more accessible. We achieve this through teaching while also learning ourselves. So that everyone can reclaim their privacy when using a computer or the Internet. We from CryptoParty Berlin want to share our knowledge and experience to make it as easy as possible for you to start your own CryptoParties in your community, too.



  • 01.11., 11.15 - 18.00
  • 02.11., 10.00 - 14.15
  • 02.11., 16.45 - 18.00


Different roles are involved in making a CryptoParty happen. None of them requires you to be a technical person. There are organizers and crypto angels (the ones doing most of the explaining). In the “train the trainer” sessions you can teach or learn a variety of tools and topics. Be it practical tips on how to find a suitable location, conducting the CryptoParty itself or learning about specific cryptographic tools so that you can teach it yourself. While building a network of CryptoParty people in Bulgaria. In the week after OpenFest you can already organize a CryptoParty in your community and practice what you just learned.


To make it the best experience as possible for everyone involved we chose the format as follows. There will be a total of five or six tables with as many topics. Half of those will have fixed topics. The other half is open for whatever the people attending would like. If you'd like to teach a topic you're very much welcome to get a table. Besides the tables we will also have lightning talks. Lightning talks can be held by your and everyone else on a topic of your choice. Just add your talk to the table below (this page can be edited by anyone anonymously) and please show up in time=).

Day Time Topic Speaker
01.11. 13.00
01.11. 14.30
01.11. 16.00
01.11. 17.30
02.11. 12.00
02.11. 13.30


The topics for each session will be chosen by the people attending. We can offer (list is not necessarily complete)….

  • guiding principles ( of CryptoParty or “how and why does CryptoParty work”
  • useful resources (CryptoParty communication channels, link lists, online tutorials)
  • email encryption with PGP
  • encrypted instant messaging with Pidgin and OTR
  • anonymous browsing with Tor
  • privacy enhancing browser plugins
  • file and hard drive encryption with TrueCrypt or LUKS
  • password security and password managers
  • installing linux
  • an amnesic and anonymous operating system (Tails)
  • Next Generation Tools (MailPile, Pond, BitMessage, Tox)