CryptoParty Tirana


Why CryptoParty?

Privacy is the space in which ideas are developed, to retreat into whenever you want. This space is not only physical but digital as well. Governments and companies don't want to respect that so we become active ourselves.

What is a CryptoParty?

CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with constantly happening activities in the entire world. The goal of this movement is sharing as much knowledge to as many individuals as possible on how to protect ourselves in the digital world. This worldwide effort introduces the basis of cryptography both in theory and practice, such as encrypted communication, prevention of espionage when navigating on the internet, anonymity on Tor network, cryptography with the public key, storage encryption, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) etc. The project consists of a series of workshops free and open to everyone.

To join this worldwide effort and to inform about the dangers of the digital world, the importance of online privacy and exchange of practical knowledge to protect our privacy, Open Labs with the support of Arjen Kamphuis and Ardian Haxha have organized CryptoParty Tirana.



Upcoming Events

DayOrganizersAddressAdditional Information
2018-10-20Open LabsOficina, Rruga “Asim Vokshi” pranë “Harry T. Fultz” Tirane, Albania