Favourite topics of your Cryptoparty could be

Web Browser add-ons / extensions

HTTPS Everywhere, Adblock, Disconnect.me, Privacy Badger, Noscript, NotScripts, Certificate Patrol, Request Policy

Web Search engines

DuckDuckGo, Disconnect.me Search, Seeks, YaCy

Secure Instant Messaging

Pidgin, OTR, ChatSecure, Conversations, TextSecure, Signal, Surespot..

Secure Telephony

Mumble, Jitsi, ..

Email encryption

Enigmail, PGP, Mailvelope, Whiteout.io


Bitcoin, alternative cryptocurrencies, ..

Open operating system

Linux Mint, ArchLinux, Ubuntu, Fedora, BSD, ..

How to keep Cryptoparty periodic in your local

  • make fixed dates for CryptoParties
    • make them far apart enough so you can take enough care of them without burning out.