What is a CryptoParty?

CryptoParties are a worldwide movement to share knowledge and tools about protecting privacy in the digital world. The workshops are free and open for everyone, but are especially focused for people without strong technical skills.

Theme: Privacy under Coronavirus

  • Online communication (Jitsi Meet, Zoom, Hangouts, etc.)
  • Base station tracking of mobile phones
  • Corona infection tracing apps for public health
  • Right to privacy in a temporary state of emergency


  • Date: 22 April 2020
  • Time: 18.00-21.00
  • Place: Online (Jitsi Meet, a link will be posted here 15 minutes before start)
  • Attendance: Free


  • Donn Morrison and Özlem Özgöbek: Welcome and intro
  • Other talks TBA, please get in touch if you want to present something


If you're willing to contribute a short presentation or technical assistance, please contact us!

Check this page for updates or contact (GnuPG public key)