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 ====== Umeå, Sweden ====== ====== Umeå, Sweden ======
-Upcoming party is on the 19th of December, at 18:30, at [[http://​umeahackerspace.se|Umeå Hackerspace]].+Upcoming party will be organised in connection to the [[http://​grav2014.se|Gräv2014]] conference for investigative journaliststhough payment- and registration-free for all comers. Held at [[http://​umeahackerspace.se|Umeå Hackerspace]] ​(unless interest seems to be ballooning immensely), the exact program has not been set just yet. Updates will be posted on the Hackerspace blog and here, at the very least.
-This is the third cryptoparty in Umeå.+== Previous parties == 
 +Last party was on the 19th of December, at 18:30, at [[http://​umeahackerspace.se|Umeå Hackerspace]]. 
 +This was the third cryptoparty in Umeå.