CryptoParty @ University of Pennsylvania

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Penn for Privacy proudly hosts its very first CryptoParty! Penn for Privacy is a proud member of the Electronic Frontiers Alliance, a national grassroots organization dedicated to protecting your digital rights!


  • Saturday, December 3, 2016
  • starting at 4PM and expected to run approximately 4 hours.


  • Hall of Flags (first floor)
  • 3417 Spruce Street Philadelphia PA, 19104


  • Bring your laptops & Phones & Tablets USB keys & Abacuses: this is a hands-on experience.
  • Come ready to discuss your concerns about, tool sets for, and own approaches toward safety in the digital age.
  • Have a tinfoil hat ready. If not, one will be supplied.
  • Be excellent to each other.
  • No photographing or recording of attendees [at least not without their permission].
  • Prepare your pseudonym ahead of time.

Planned Topics

Threat Modelling

  • What do you feel is important to protect?
  • Who do you need to protect it from?

Email Encryption with PGP/GPG

  • how it works, what it protects you from and what it doesn't
  • what software is needed
  • installing and using email encryption

Safer Browsing

Best practices, tools & procedures to keep you safe while increasing privacy when browsing the web. Browser hardening and internet safety protocols to keep your privacy on the web.

Much, much more!

Get Involved

Do you have a topic that interests you and would feel comfortable helping others? Let us know we can expect you to head a table.

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