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Cryptoparty Invitees

Cryptoparties should ideally have a rather varied group attending. Mainly, it is intended for the general public to learn use crypto-tools, but it is of special interest to journalists, human rights activists, environmental activists, hacktivists and other groups to learn and use crypto-tools day-to-day meaning that targeted invitations should be made by organisers and go out to:


  • Media organisations (ranging from “The Media” to citizen journalists and bloggers)
  • Centres for Investigative Journalism (e.g. CIJ)
  • Human rights organisations (e.g. Amnesty)
  • Environmental activist organisations (e.g. Greenpeace, climatecamp)
  • Other professional groups and their clients / patients who rely on secure and anonymous communications (e.g. lawyers, psychologists, priests, doctors, entrepreneurs)
  • Computer- and crypto-savvy people who can assist in teaching, e.g. the local hackerspace, LUG (linux user group).


cc #journalists #bloggers #activists #writers #doctors #priests #lawyers #psychologists #academics @CryptoParty_ Why we need more “positive-stories” about Crypto

We need to demonstrate what this privacy technology is really useful for so we can win the debate that cryptography is only useful for terrorists, child pornographers, criminals and money launderers. We need to show how cryptography can be used by human rights activists, environmental activists and even the cancer patient that needs the anonymity and these positive stories need to get lots of attention.

There are also currently people being fired for what they say on personal blogs about their employers but there are also whistleblowers and we need to find these examples and make sure that the cryptography that was a part of the story, becomes a part of the story. If it was not a part of the story, then we can review the story and then recast it as a “what if” crypto was involved in order to demonstrate how Cryptography might have helped improve the real outcomes for the real people involved.