What is CryptoParty?

Attend a CryptoParty to learn and teach how to use basic cryptography tools. A CryptoParty is free, public and fun. People bring their computers, mobile devices, and a willingness to learn! CryptoParty is a decentralized, global initiative to introduce the most basic cryptography software and the fundamental concepts of their operation to the general public, such as the Tor anonymity network, public key encryption (PGP/GPG), and OTR (Off The Record messaging). CryptoParties are free to attend, public, and commercially and politically non-aligned. (see the guiding principles)

Follow us...

… on Twitter, app.net and Diaspora for announcements.


If you can, please use the mailinglist global@cryptoparty.is to get in touch with other cryptonauts. If this, for whatever reason, does not work for you, you can also contact info@cryptoparty.in.


Any guest can edit, registered users can create pages and upload files. (This might change in the future.) Please help to migrate old content from the mirrors (or the dump) to this site. This site doesn't log IPs. The anonymous login credentials are: “anonymous”/“long passphrases with fünn¥ ©ħæræ¢ŧæ®ß”

We must rebuild the CryptoParty wiki on this new server! If you followed a link to CryptoParty.org, please try to find the old page on the mirrors, or the new page on this site.

(Sources of older wiki contents are lost, automatic conversion is difficult or impossible.)

Fallback domain

A fallback domain has been secured. Should you have trouble to find us at any time, refer to https://cryptoparty.is/