<font 48px/arial,helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit> Helsinki Cryptoparty </font>

<font 18px/arial,helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit> Next Helsinki Cryptoparty: </font>

<font inherit/arial,helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Friday 19th February 2016, 17.00</font>

<font inherit/arial,helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Open Knowledge Finland</font>

<font inherit/arial,helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Caloniuksenkatu 9D 64 00100 Helsinki</font>

<font 18px/arial,helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit> What? </font>

A Cryptoparty aimed at helping those who wish to protect their privacy online, and learn more about how and why to do so. All levels of experience and abilities are warmly welcomed.

The event will have a brief introduction talk, but most of it will be focused on open discussions in groups and hands-on experience. The groups will allow everyone to find the best discussion topics in relation to their interests and background.

In general we will talk about encryption, tools to use and it's importance and benefits. We want most of all to create a dialogue on the topic between people from different fields.


It's a PARTY! There is a BYOB rule (bring your own bottle/drinks) and a SAUNA booked for us, so bring your towel!

<font 18px/arial,helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit> Who? </font>

  • Elisa, Gökcen, Mercedes, Régis, Soujanyaa, Siying (current organisers)
  • Molly, Suse, Régis (pioneers of the past)

<font 18px/arial,helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit> Why? </font>

Calm you shall keep and crypto on you must. #Cryptoparty

We are Aalto University MediaLab students and feel somehow the responsibility and honor of bringing forward these events, keeping the Cryptoparty active in Helsinki.